Our Response to the SDGs

Replacing the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) established in 2001, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the international goals aiming for a sustainable and better world by 2030 and was adopted at the United Nations Summit in September 2015 as part of the "2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development." They consist of 17 goals and 169 targets, and pledge to "leave no one behind" on the Earth.

Key Issues (Materiality) for the Z Holdings Group and SDGs Initiatives

The Z Holdings Group upholds "UDPATE THE WORLD Unleashing the infinite potential of all people, with the power of information technology" as its mission. Through this mission statement, the Group is determined to solve social issues using information technology to make people's lives more convenient and rich, and to create a society where everyone can play an active role and take on challenges. The realization of the society we are aiming for is precisely the solution to the many social issues targeted by the SDGs. Focusing on the areas that we have identified as our materiality, we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society as outlined by the SDGs by solving the problems of the people and society while leveraging the strengths of our core business, IT and the Internet.

Key Issues (Materiality) for the Z Holdings Group and Contribution to SDGs

Key Issues and Specific Initiatives to Achieve SDGs

Providing new (WOW!) experiences using data/AI

The ZHD Group's mission is to solve problems of people and the society using information technology, under its principle of "users first." Aiming for a society where everyone can readily access the power of data and the convenience provided by AI, the Group will continue to provide information infrastructure and services that bring innovation to various businesses and contribute to the expansion of technological innovation.
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Operating safe & secure digital platforms

The expansion and stable provision of IT and Internet infrastructure are essential to achieving the SDGs. Stable services and societies can only be built on a foundation of complete information security and data privacy. Based on this understanding, the ZHD Group, as a reliable and resilient infrastructure, will continue to provide safe and secure IT services from a medium to long term perspective, , while providing and reinforcing confidentiality of communications and information security.
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Building a resilient social infrastructure

The ZHD Group strives to build a digitally driven and resilient social infrastructure by contributing to disaster prevention and mitigation, response to the pandemic, municipal DX, medical DX, online education, and the realization of a resource-circulating society through reuse. The Group will continue businesses and support activities aiming to ensure that the benefits of digital technology are available to all, with a determination of leaving no one behind.
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Reinforcing human capital

The Z Holdings Group respects the human rights of each and every employee and adheres to proper labor practices. In addition, through the promotion of diversity and inclusion, the Group aims to improve the well-being of its employees by creating a rewarding work environment in which employees can perform at their best regardless of gender, nationality, or other factors.
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Fulfilling responsibilities for the global environment and future generations

The ZHD Group recognizes that reducing the environmental impact and considering the effect on the ecosystem is an important responsibility of the Group for future generations. Using the power of IT and working together with the Group and its supply chain, the ZHD Group promotes the use of renewable energy for electricity in order to realize a sustainable society. The Group acknowledges that considering the natural capital is a business opportunity to strengthen collaborations with diverse stakeholders in the society, and will continue to take on this challenge.
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Reinforcing group governance

Group governance is one of the most important management issues for the ZHD Group, which is one of the largest IT service providers in Japan. The Group denies all forms of injustice, violence, exploitation, discrimination and others, and will promote transparent business activities to build a sustainable society in accordance with social norms.
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Initiatives Undertaken by Each Z Holdings Group Company

Yahoo Japan Corporation ("Yahoo! JAPAN")

Yahoo! JAPAN conducts various initiatives, such as the sponsorship of SDGs for School, aimed to promote awareness and to support its activities, as well as the publication of "Yahoo! JAPAN SDGs," which conveys information on various social issues and initiatives under the theme of SDGs. For more details, please refer to the related links.

ASKUL Corporation ("ASKUL")

ASKUL will advance its initiatives toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted at United Nations Sustainable Development Summit 2015.

ZOZO, Inc. ("ZOZO")

ZOZO has set forth the Sustainability Statement and four Key Actions.
In light of the four Key Actions, the company considers to which areas of the SDGs it can contribute and determines its targets.