Education and Awareness-Raising Activities to Create the Future

The Z Holdings Group understands the importance of education in the environmental area and will continue to raise awareness both internally and externally.

Spreading Sustainability Activities Throughout the Company

The Z Holdings Group educates and enlightens its employees so that each and every one understands the importance of environmental issues to improve our services and create innovations that are environmentally friendly.

Yahoo! JAPAN

ESG Awareness-Raising Activities Within the Company

ESG Awareness-Raising Activities Within the Company
Every month, Yahoo Japan Corporation (“Yahoo! JAPAN) distributes "ESG/SDGs News" on the company intranet, which introduces information on sustainability, glossary of terms, and internal initiatives. Yahoo! JAPAN also conducts online CSR-related e-learning for all employees to promote sustainability within the company and survey their awareness.

Communicating Sustainability Activities to External Parties

The Z Holdings Group will continue its educational activities to provide as many people as possible with opportunities to learn and think about issues in the environmental field.

Yahoo! JAPAN


Yahoo! JAPAN SDGs is a medium launched in September 2021 with an aim to send out information on various SDGs-related social problems and initiatives. Some of the articles published on Yahoo! JAPAN SDGs have links to donation and e-commerce sites. Through this medium, Yahoo! JAPAN endeavors to raise people’s awareness of social problems and also to promote solving of these problems by backing people and organizations working on the problems as well as the users’ problem-solving actions.

Providing Study Materials on the Environment

Yahoo! JAPAN Kids provides learning contents such as videos and websites on environmental issues, global warming and pollution. The learning pages are useful for elementary school classes and homework.


In response to the growing interest in social contribution, ASKUL Corporation offers products that allow customers to choose the activities they want to support.

Air and Water Environment Project

A portion of the purchase price of participating products will be used to support the activities of organizations working to improve the air and water environment. (Joint project between S.T. Corporation and ASKUL)

TSUSHIMA×ASKUL Project – For the Circular Economy and the Fight against Marine Plastic Litter

This is an initiative jointly conducted with Tsushima City for the circular economy and the fight against marine plastic litter.