Collaborating With Society Through Services

With natural disasters becoming more intense and frequent due to climate change, the Z Holdings Group works to prevent and mitigate disasters through its services in cooperation with local governments and related organizations, and also directs its efforts into post-disaster reconstruction support. The Z Holdings Group also expands and enhances recycling-oriented services that contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Collaboration With Local Governments Against Natural Disasters Associated With Climate Change

The Z Holdings Group collaborates with local governments to address natural disasters associated with climate change in cooperation with local governments.

Yahoo! JAPAN

Disaster Alliance

Yahoo Japan Corporation (“Yahoo! JAPAN”) concludes alliances with local governments with the aim of providing residents with timely disaster information in the event of a disaster. Yahoo! JAPAN provides cache site for the websites operated by the municipalities that have signed the alliances. By placing the cached sites on Yahoo! JAPAN’s server, local governments can avoid having too much access to their server and therefore are able to continuously delivery disaster-related information. Yahoo! JAPAN also provides a function that enables local governments to send out critical emergency information, such as early warnings and shelter information, directly to people through Yahoo! JAPAN Disaster Alert app. Also, by showing evacuation areas on Yahoo! JAPAN’s maps, Yahoo! JAPAN contributes to raising awareness of disaster prevention during normal times.

Delivery of Disaster Information Through Yahoo! JAPAN Top Page and Yahoo! JAPAN Apps

In order to reduce the number of victims in the face of increasingly intense disasters, Yahoo! JAPAN Top Page and apps such as Yahoo! JAPAN for smartphones, Yahoo! JAPAN Disaster Alert, and Yahoo! JAPAN Weather & Disaster, display information on earthquakes, tsunamis, and heavy rains. Especially, the Yahoo! JAPAN Disaster Alert app promptly sends push notifications on all kinds of disasters, including earthquake early warnings, tsunami information, heavy rain hazard levels, heavy rain forecast, and information on landslides, river floods, heatstroke, volcanoes, and civil protection. These notifications can also be sent by emails to PCs and mobile phones. In addition, the app provides a disaster map function that enables users to share the status of disasters and lifelines in their current locations, leading to quick evacuation actions.
By displaying warnings and alerts for rivers and the changes in water levels measured at observation stations every 10 minutes on a map, Yahoo! JAPAN Weather & Disaster provides river level information that enables early decisions on voluntary evacuation. In addition, the rain cloud radar provides real-time information on the movement of rain clouds, which is useful in case of torrential rains.

Yahoo! JAPAN Internet Fund Raising

Yahoo! JAPAN Internet Fund Raising is an online donation platform that was launched following the 2004 Niigata Chuetsu earthquake. The platform is designed to facilitate continuous support for organizations engaged in activities to address various social issues, such as aid to affected areas of large-scale disasters in Japan and overseas, refugee assistance, child poverty, and conservation of ocean, forest, and rare species.


Disaster Alliances With Local Governments

After the fire at its logistics center in 2017, ASKUL Corporation (“ASKUL”) carried out a thorough reinforcement of the disaster prevention framework for its logistics centers, and reviewed the way it operates logistics centers in the community. With the renewed determination to “realize safe and secure operations of logistics centers living up to the trust of the local people and to contribute to the community,” ASKUL has sequentially concluded disaster alliances with the governments of municipalities where its logistics centers are located. ASKUL’s logistics centers carry substantial stocks of food and essential commodities and are also equipped with a system capable of distributing large amounts of products with speed and efficiency. At a time of disaster, ASKUL will respond to requests from governments and serve as a lifeline for the people in the community by promptly releasing relief supplies, such as drinking water, toilet papers, and other daily necessities, as well as stationery needed at shelters. ASKUL will make continuous efforts to ensure contribution to the community through its logistics centers, actively pursuing ways to live harmoniously with the community.

Collaboration With Society Through Services to Prevent/Reduce Disasters and Environmental Initiatives

The Z Holdings Group collaborates with the society through various initiatives that harness the strengths of each service.

Yahoo! JAPAN

SEMA (Social Emergency Management Alliance)

SEMA is an initiative of private companies and civil society organizations (CSOs) for providing support at times of disasters in Japan. SEMA puts together a list of the supplies and services of the member companies and organizations from normal times. When a major natural disaster occurs, it swiftly delivers available supplies to the affected areas based on this list. Yahoo! JAPAN is one of the members and works as the secretariat for the initiative.
ASKUL Corporation and ZOZO, Inc. in the Z Holdings Group, as well as SoftBank Corp., are also members of SEMA.


Initiatives to Prevent/Reduce Disasters

The LINE messaging service was born from the experience of the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011, when many people’s safety confirmation calls and emails were not delivered. LINE Corporation distributes free leaflets on how to use the LINE messaging service to confirm the safety of people in times of disasters. The company also works to create a mechanism that can support both disaster victims and the government in charge of disaster response, throughout the entire process, from pre-disaster to disaster recovery.


Recommendation of How to Prepare for Emergencies Without an Emergency Stockpile – “Phase-Free Office,” a New Style of Emergency Preparation That Makes Use of Daily Office Supplies

Disaster prevention in offices is very difficult due to lack of cost and storage space. But office supplies that we use all the time can be useful even in emergencies to protect everyone's safety. This is the basic concept behind ASKUL’s “Phase-Free Office.” Phase-free "disaster prevention without preparation" that reduces costs, saves space, and enhances security will change the office of tomorrow.

Enhancing Recycling-Oriented Services That Contribute to the Realization of a Sustainable Society

The Z Holdings Group promotes initiatives to solve problems using IT and web services to realize a sustainable society.

Yahoo! JAPAN

Provision of recycling-oriented services

As part of its efforts to provide low-carbon products and services, Yahoo! JAPAN offers YAHUOKU! and PayPay Flea Market in its e-commerce reuse business to help realize a recycling-oriented society through recycled consumption. Reuse of goods leads to reductions in the amount of new resources consumed, elimination of CO2 emissions associated with manufacturing, and also reductions in waste. Each of these platforms focuses also on charity projects and social contributions.


Launched in September 1999, YAHUOKU!, is one of Japan’s largest online auction and flea market apps, which enabled the online C2C trading of goods. It strives to take part in the establishment of a recycling society through the promotion of “reuse” by facilitating the sale of goods no longer in use to someone who needs the item.

PayPay Flea Market

Launched in October 2019, PayPay Flea Market is an app that specializes in flea market-type transactions. In this app, individuals can easily trade goods at fixed price.
In collaboration with YAHUOKU! which offers auction deals, we endeavor to further develop our business in sustainable secondary distribution.

Yell Market

Yell Market was launched as the “Recovery Department Store” in December 2011, in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake. It currently serves as a shopping platform under the concept of “shopping is cheering,” and supports ethical products that give consideration to people, society, local areas, and the environment.


ASKUL offers lineups of private label eco-friendly products so that buyers can make their own purchase decisions. ASKUL also strives to evolve its supply chain into a resource recycling platform, reduce waste, and make effective use of limited resources.

Environmental Efforts Through Private Label Products

ASKUL’s private label products meet either of the eight eco-friendliness criteria, such as “low-carbon product,” “saves electricity,” “reduces waste,” and “easy waste sorting.”

Certification of Eco-First Program

On August 7, 2018, ASKUL was certified as a member of the “Eco-First Program” launched by the Ministry of the Environment. ASKUL will promote environmental initiatives to fulfill the four commitments that it submitted to the Minister of the Environment.

“Come Bag” – Recycling of ASKUL Catalogs into Paper Bags

Since its establishment, ASKUL has produced and delivered new catalogs every year. The expired old catalogs were collected and sold to paper recyclers so that they can be recycled as resources instead of being thrown away as waste. However, ASKUL decided to take its responsibility one step further, and began exploring ways in which the catalogs can be returned to raw materials and to make them into products again. “Come Bag” is a product that was born from ASKUL’s challenge of keeping the recycling process within Japan and producing a product that will be chosen by the customers again.


Use of Original Purchasing Kit “Reuse Bag” for Trade-in Discount Service, “Replacement Discount”

Since the launch of the trade-in discount service in November 2016, ZOZO, Inc. (“ZOZO”) has been using the reuse bag, an original purchasing kit that makes it easy for users to pack and ship the clothes that they do not wear anymore. The reuse bags are made from non-woven textile requiring no packaging materials such as cardboard and tape, and are reusable after cleaning. In addition to the enhancement of user convenience, about 94% of all the reuse bags are recycled, and resource consumption has been curtailed by improving the resource utilization efficiency.