Anti-corruption Measures

The Z Holdings Group actively conducts measures to prevent corruptions such as bribery, money laundering, etc.

Fully committed to prevent corruptions

The Z Holdings Group values the importance of aspiring to achieve a safe and sustainable Internet society through the trust entrusted and its harmony with the society. In addition, the Z Holdings Group is committed to act with the spirit of fair play and to fulfill its social responsibility. To this end, the employees fully understand their expected and required roles, and will pursue efficient corporate activities while maintaining the necessary corporate governance to gain the trust and understanding of our stakeholders.

The internal rules of Yahoo Japan Corporation prohibit the receipt of excessive gifts, entertainments and the like from business partners. In the same context, bribery to public officials (including persons who are treated as public officials) for the purpose of receiving benefits for the company’s business is prohibited. Bribery is not limited to the provision of cash but includes farewell gifts, condolences and congratulatory gifts, end-of-year and mid-year gifts, as well as invitation to golf and entertainment.

In addition, in regards to facilitation payments in countries other than Japan, analysis is made on areas and businesses with high risk of facilitation payments. These analyses are used to raise the awareness of local employees on the prohibition of such payments and to select business partners. More specifically, expense application and record taking of accounting evidence are thoroughly enforced. Administrative procedures with the authorities are made online without the help of mediators. Periodic audits are carried out to supervise compliance on these matters.

In fiscal 2018, Yahoo Japan Corporation received no legal actions regarding corruption, bribery and the like.

Policies to prevent money laundering and financing of terrorism, and our commitment

The Z Holdings Group will not be involved in transactions related to the proceeds derived from illegal acts, transactions that fund terrorists, and transactions with counterparties with whom transaction is prohibited by the government of each country, etc.
To this end, the Z Holdings Group has built systems to manage customer identification and reporting of suspicious transactions based on the Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds, and endeavors to prevent abuse of financial services in organizational crimes. Moreover, for services to which the Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds apply (The Japan Net Bank, PayPay, Yahoo! JAPAN Card, YJFX), our countermeasures based on laws and regulations, as well as structures and measures original to our services boost the robustness of our countermeasures against money laundering and terrorist funding.

For example, The Japan Net Bank, a group company of the Z Holdings Corporation, verifies identity of a user opening an account by requiring users to submit designated identity verification materials as well as by sending the transaction documents (cash cards, etc.) to the registered address by registered mail. Furthermore, The Japan Net Bank strictly confirms the details of the application, and if circumstances so require, requires additional verification materials or denies the opening of the account, etc. In addition, opened accounts are continuously monitored for their transactions by specialized divisions to prevent unauthorized use.

At PayPay, authentication by eKYC or bank accounts is used to confirm transactions when users open their accounts. PayPay strictly confirms the details of the application and depending on circumstances, denies the opening of the account. Furthermore, risks are mitigated through measures such as non-handling of overseas transfers, restriction of transfer amount below the legally required amount, and others. In addition, opened accounts are continuously monitored for their transactions by specialized divisions to prevent unauthorized use.

At YJ Card Corporation, a group company of the Z Holdings Corporation, Yahoo! JAPAN Cards can only be used through measures such as confirming the user as the person who made the application by requiring users to show their identity verification materials when they receive the credit cards. For specific cases in which unauthorized use, etc. can be suspected at screening, additional hearings, etc. are made to reduce the risk of unauthorized use.
Periodic audits are conducted for services to which the Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds apply, to supervise compliance with laws, regulations and internal rules.

Political donations

In regards to political donations, compliance with Political Funds Control Law is thoroughly enforced. In fiscal 2018, the amount of political donations was JPY 2.33 million. (Results for Yahoo Japan Corporation)