Human Capital Development and Training Programs

The Z Holdings Group introduces various programs and measures so that the employees can perform their jobs with enthusiasm and energy, at all stages of their career. A company intranet is also in place in order to facilitate communication within the company.

*This webpage covers the information of Yahoo Japan Corporation (“Yahoo! JAPAN”). We intend to sequentially introduce the information of other group companies as they become available.

Basic policies on human capital development and training

Yahoo! JAPAN aspires to become a “People Development Company” which supports the sustainable transformation and growth of employees so that their performance can be improved. In Yahoo! JAPAN, the company and the employees do not have a vertical relationship, but are equal partners, and the basic premise is that “Freedom and responsibility are two sides of the same coin.” Based on the wish that the employees and the company grow sustainably together, and the belief that all employees have unlimited potential, Yahoo! JAPAN supports the employees to learn from experience so that these learning experiences will lead to their individual growth.

Yahoo! JAPAN Values

In Yahoo! JAPAN, in order to guide employees how they should act and make decisions, Yahoo! JAPAN Values are created and shared to spell out basic principles of human capital development and training. Yahoo! JAPAN employees are expected to be ever-mindful of and act based on the five values, “All Yahoo! JAPAN”, “Individual Strength”, “Discover, Propose, Improve”, “Compelling Sense of Ownership” and “Absolute Commitment”.

People Development Company

Becoming a “People Development Company” is the overall vision of our approach to our human resources. To this end, we are taking steps to ensure we provide a work environment where each and every employee can continue to grow, freely demonstrate their capabilities, and work independently and voluntarily to provide better services and businesses that solve the problems of our users.

One specific example is 1 on 1 meetings held between the superiors and their subordinates in Yahoo! JAPAN. The meetings, held once a week for 30 minutes, are expressly for the benefit of the subordinates. The superiors act as coaches and both listen and ask questions to pinpoint obstacles their subordinates are facing in achieving their goals. This way, the superiors suggest ways to overcome those obstacles and urge changes in approach.

Furthermore, we have prepared human resource development charts to encourage each employee to periodically visualize their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as the experiences they will need to get to their expected careers in three years’ time. Based on the human resource development chart, career-focused human resource development meetings are held periodically to look at the career of each employee and to discuss career path that best suits the employee.
In addition, employees are encouraged to challenge themselves and gain new experience, by taking advantage of the self-nomination-based “job change system” (through which qualified employees can apply for reassignment to any position in the company) as well as internal open recruitment, held periodically.
We are working toward an environment capable of providing employee training that can be taken whenever and wherever it is needed through enhanced training menu and digitalization.

Results for FY2019
Average fee spent on training (per employee)*1 JPY 136,000
Average time spent on training (per employee)*1 26 hours
<Main trainings>
・1 on 1 meeting
・Various online trainings
% of creators appointed as KURO-OBI Approx. 0.52% *2
  • *1 Calculation based on trainings conducted as key capability development course mandatory for all employees.
  • *2 Approximately 0.52% of creators have been certified with KURO-OBI in 2019 (Ninth appointment)

Structure of trainings

In order to support our employees’ growth in a manner that best suites each employee, Yahoo! JAPAN has a structure in place so that the employees’ independence and their challenging spirit as well as the evaluations from others can be periodically monitored and given back as feedback.

1 on 1 meeting

1 on 1 meeting is held once a week (around 30 minutes) between the employee and his/her superior.
1 on 1 meeting is held for superiors to help solve the challenges that the employees are facing and to support the fulfilment of the employees’ goals. It facilitates the employees to self-reflect and efficiently rotates the cycle of experiential learning.
In 1 on 1 meeting, employees reflect on their jobs. “Yahoo! JAPAN Values” act as guidelines for actions and criteria for evaluations in solving challenges.

Third party meeting

This is a meeting to evaluate a manager from various angles. Attendees are not only the manager's subordinates but also members from related sections. The attendees give feedback on the manager’s organization management, attitude, behavior, etc., as well as on the points they wish to be maintained or improved. The purpose of this meeting is to help managers develop themselves by coming into contact with objective views of themselves. Also, the meeting aims to enrich mutual understanding between managers and members and to hike the team’s organizational strength.

People development meeting

In order to support the career development in accordance with the individual stages of growth and career direction of each employee, direct superior as well as managers from related departments gather to discuss about the mid/long term development policy of the employee. This discussion will be based on his/her "people development chart".
More specifically, discussions will be made on what this employee needs to experience in this year. This discussion will provide a chance for the employee to recognize his/her potentiality and will lead to training suggestions and provision of job opportunities that will enhance his/her growth.

Job change

This is a transfer system where employees can declare their wish for a transfer if they want to challenge something new in Yahoo! JAPAN.
We provide an opportunity for all employees to take on new challenges so that this will lead to their development.

Z Academia

Z Academia was established in April 2020 as a corporate university of the Z Holdings Group geared towards the employees of the Group. This is an extension of the Yahoo! JAPAN Academia, which was a corporate university of Yahoo Japan Corporation, provided for the employees of the Yahoo Japan Group.
Z Academia was established to create a cross-sectional connection of the employees of the Z Holdings Group so that they can assume the roles of accelerating synergies among the Group. It aims to become a base camp where the employees of group companies can share the perception of creating the future together, aligning the road they should be following and learning together.
In addition to a class participated by the top leaders, the Academia will offer programs that can be participated by any employee of the group companies and a class for female leaders, which was a class conducted by Yahoo! JAPAN Academia in fiscal 2019.
The Academia will also offer programs for younger generations where the participants can come up with new ideas by encountering opinions and values different from their own.

Yahoo! JAPAN Academia

Yahoo! JAPAN Academia was established in April 2014 as a corporate university of Yahoo! JAPAN aiming to create next generation leaders. It strives to have all the participants fully demonstrate their leaderships and become human capital that can lead the Yahoo Japan Group as well as the society.
Yahoo! JAPAN Academia’s class participated by the top leaders assumes the role of connecting the next-generation management team members of Yahoo! JAPAN. The participants discuss management issues in the camps conducted three times a year.
As a result, the Academia has produced 15 corporate officers in the six years since its foundation.

Trainings for all employees

Problem solving training

From basics, trainees learn how to discover problems, set issues to be solved and how to solve them.

Logical communication training

This training teaches the basics of logical structure and methods for clearly relaying one’s opinion to the counterparty.

Meeting facilitation training

This training teaches the basics of facilitation so that productivity of meetings can be enhanced.

Career self-control training

This is a workshop for employees to self-reflect their own career and to think about future workstyle.

Business communication

This is a hands on training that teaches the process of sorting and conveying information through a basic framework. The trainees learn the skills of business communication in order to accurately communicate information to others.

Trainings for specialized skills/Participation and networking in technical organizations

Technical training for new entrants

Training that teaches Yahoo! JAPAN’s original technologies and development rules necessary for development in Yahoo! JAPAN is in place for all new engineers.
This training is taken directly after the engineers enter Yahoo! JAPAN, thus the engineers can start their jobs with an understanding on the development methods employed in Yahoo! JAPAN.
In addition to this training, trainings on basic technologies that are generally used are also provided to the new engineers who joined the company as fresh graduates.

  • *Other trainings to acquire special skills are prepared so that the engineers can exert their maximum ability in their assigned posts.

Technical training

A training lineup is prepared for engineers to learn technologies in line with overall corporate strategy (e.g. PaaS, CI/CD) and technologies original to Yahoo! JAPAN which act as the basis in providing Yahoo! JAPAN services.

Tech seminar

Employees take the lead to introduce the latest moves in the Internet industry and technical trends (e.g. AI, big data) and report their participation in technical conferences and academic conferences in and out of Japan.

Development camp program

Yahoo! JAPAN holds development camp programs geared towards engineers to share and succeed technologies and to solve common issues. Participants succeed technologies related to architectural design and conduct cross-organizational reviews in this program.

Hands on training to acquire practical techniques to counter cyber attacks

Yahoo! JAPAN holds a hands on training on security called “Hardening” every year. The trainees experience cyberattacks they may encounter in the services of Yahoo! JAPAN.

Support to attend top conferences

Yahoo! JAPAN supports engineers to participate in top-level international conferences and large-scale conferences in order to learn state-of-the-art technologies and information in the world.

Participation in W3C, a consortium that promotes standardization of various Web technologies

Yahoo! JAPAN participates in W3C*, a consortium that promotes standardization of various Web technologies.

  • *An international consortium where members work together to further its vision “One Web”, enabling all people to handle data equally in all environments. For this, the consortium provides information on WWW technologies, establish and promote technical specifications, implement prototypes of new technologies and develop technologies that are interoperable, such as software and tools.

Networking with global tech companies

Networking events are periodically held with engineers working in global tech companies in Silicon Valley, etc., and active technical discussions and information sharing sessions are held in these occasions.

Official member of the IAB Technology Laboratory

Yahoo! JAPAN contributes to the development of a sound digital marketing market in Japan by discussing fundamental and common issues with other global companies and by sharing the knowledge acquired.

Trainings for managers

Training for newly appointed managers

Kick-off meetings are held for newly appointed managers in which the management directly convey their message. Various programs are prepared so that newly appointed managers can learn the necessary knowledge and skill sets on themes such as harassment, diversity, organizational development, information security, compliance and mental health as well as skills to conduct managerial duties such as 1 on 1 meeting, a cornerstone of Yahoo! JAPAN’s human capital development.

Career and self-awareness training

Easy approaches that can be used in 1 on 1 meetings are taught to support the subordinates’ autonomous career formation. (e.g. theory on careers, framework to promote the self-understanding of subordinates, etc.)

Service manager training

Yahoo! JAPAN has service managers responsible for services and products. Various programs are prepared so that all service managers can contribute to the growth of their services and work to a high standard.

Training for new employees

This training teaches the right attitude as a member of society, basic business manners, and necessary frame of thinking as an employee of Yahoo! JAPAN. Programs to enhance specialized skills are prepared for engineers and designers.
In addition, senior staff will train the new staff on the job in the assigned departments. New staff will learn as they experience their respective jobs in their assigned posts.

Learning support/ Learning programs


Yahoo! JAPAN has an internal website called “Manaby” where we put together online learning contents for creators so that they can learn anywhere and anytime at their own pace.
Creators can choose from various learning materials that meet their needs such as archives of seminars and study sessions, and e-learning.

In-house TOEIC Exam

TOEIC IP exams can be taken in-house and Yahoo! JAPAN will cover the test fees. From fiscal 2019, we have improved the convenience by preparing an environment so that examinees can take the exam from all offices under the same condition.

Support for obtaining PhD

Yahoo! JAPAN supports employees to obtain PhD in the following research areas in our data platform and science fields. The necessary cost for this purpose will be granted as scholarship to the engineers certified to receive support.

  • ※Research areas:
    Natural language processing, image processing, voice processing, machine learning, information retrieval, recommendation, context awareness, HCI, large-scale distributed processing, HPC, virtualization technology, statistical modeling, semantic web

Subsidy for technical activities

This is a subsidy system for engineers and designers to enhance their technical capabilities. A maximum of 60,000 yen for every six months can be used to purchase books, apps, software and licenses, to participate in seminars or study sessions, or to study English, etc.

Invention incentive system

When various problems of the society are solved using the Internet and technology, the ideas and inventions produced through such process may be protected by patents.
Yahoo! JAPAN proactively files patent applications for ideas created by employees working as "Problem Solving Engines".
Incentives are paid to the employees who created such ideas so that employees will be motivated to "come up with ideas in order to solve the problems of the society".
Also, the patent filed ideas that are valued to be highly innovative are awarded in the company. Through these measures, Yahoo! JAPAN commends employees to come up with better ideas.

KURO-OBI (Black belt) System

Yahoo! JAPAN assigns KURO-OBI (black belt) to talented employees with expertise and support their activities.
KURO-OBI is defined as “a forerunner with outstanding knowledge and skills in a specific field” who can make contributions through awareness activities in and out of the company using their specialist skills, and who can contribute to the growth of specialist skills in the company.
When appointed as a KURO-OBI, one-time reward and an annual budget are granted. In their own fields, the assigned will pursue activities that contribute to the growth of specialist skills in the company as well as extend information and appeal technical skills out of the company. As part of the awareness activity, internship by KURO-OBI and meetups are occasionally held.

OSS developer certification program

This is a program which certifies selected employees as developers for OSS (open source software) which is strategically adopted by Yahoo! JAPAN. Time used for developing specific OSS is regarded as work hours and a maximum of JPY 1 million budget is granted for the certified employees to work as OSS committers.