Initiatives for Disaster Prevention/Mitigation & Disaster Relief - Results of Donations & Sponsorships

The Z Holdings Group is committed to delivering disaster-related information such as evacuation information and emergency earthquake alerts, and supporting disaster relief efforts as well as initiatives to prevent or mitigate disasters.
Moreover, donations and sponsorships are provided to initiatives that promote the development of an IT society and address social problems.

Z Holdings Group's Initiatives to Prevent/Mitigate Disasters and Support Recovery

One of the areas in which the Z Holdings Group focuses its efforts to solve social issues through its business is "disaster prevention and mitigation leveraging information technology."

Collaborating with local governments, Yahoo Japan Corporation ("Yahoo! JAPAN") provides immediate information via Yahoo! JAPAN Top page and Yahoo! JAPAN Disaster Alert app, etc. in the event of a disaster. Yahoo! JAPAN is also engaged in various activities from the occurrence of a disaster to reconstruction support, including the operation of the secretariat for Social Emergency Management Alliance (SEMA), which provides relief supplies in necessary quantities based on the needs of the disaster-affected areas, and the launch of fund-raising campaigns to support disaster reconstruction.
The LINE messaging service was developed in response to the experience of the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011, when many people's safety confirmation calls and emails failed to their destinations. In addition to providing free leaflets on how to use the messaging service to confirm the safety of people in times of disaster and other emergencies, LINE Corporation ("LINE") is also working to create a system that can support both disaster victims and the governments that are in charge of disaster response throughout the entire process, from before the disaster strikes to during the recovery period, and to raise funds through LINE Pay, LINE POINT, and LINE Stickers, etc..

Disaster relief efforts

【Fiscal 2020】

July 2020 Heavy Rain
Initiatives Undertaken by
Yahoo Japan Foundation donated JPY2,000,000 to the Japanese Red Cross Society. Together with the donations from the users and matching donation of JPY5,000,000 from Yahoo! JAPAN, a total of JPY106,054,122 was donated. JPY42,145,914 was donated to the following organizations that support the recovery of the affected areas and the victims.
Central Community Chest of Japan (Support fund): JPY30,000,000
Kumamoto Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (Support fund): JPY2,000,000
Institute for Human Diversity Japan (Support fund):JPY9,720,000
Civic Force (Support fund):JPY425,914
Yahoo Japan Foundation
In response to the request from SEMA, Yahoo! JAPAN and ASKUL Corporation ("ASKUL") provided the necessary support.

▼Yahoo! JAPAN
Acted as the Secretariat for SEMA

Containers for cooking (lunch boxes, soup containers):15,900
Floor wipers: 10
Wet floor wiper sheets (60 pcs): 50
Dry floor wiper sheets (100 pcs): 25

Yahoo! JAPAN
Yahoo! JAPAN Internet Fund Raising opened 23 projects to support the victims of July 2020 Heavy Rain
Amount of donations:JPY177,051,655
No. of donations:173,399
Yahoo! JAPAN
A total of JPY5,891,929 was donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society on August 31, 2020, from the donations collected in July 2020 through LINE POINT and LINE Pay. LINE
ASKUL accepts donations through its point reward program, "ASKUL Sweet Points."
Amount of donations (As of June 20, 2021): Approx. JPY1.75 mil
【Fiscal 2019】
【Fiscal 2018】
【Fiscal 2017】
【Fiscal 2016】

Z Holdings Corporation's Measures on COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Z Holdings Group takes various measures such as delivering reliable information in an easy-to-understand and accessible manner, and receiving donations for the needed. It is also taking steps to prevent the spread of the infection among its employees.

Z Holdings Corporation

In the Ordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders held on June 18, 2021, the company installed disinfectants, distributed facial masks, measured body temperatures, and spaced out the seats for its shareholders. Online attendance at the shareholders meeting is also available.


Yahoo! JAPAN takes various measures such as delivering reliable information in an easy-to-understand and accessible manner, receiving donations via Yahoo! JAPAN Internet Fund Raising, supporting children's homeschooling while the schools are closed.

Yahoo Japan Foundation

Yahoo Japan Foundation began accepting donations for "Donations to Support Activities to Prevent Healthcare Collapse Due to COVID-19." The donations collected are sent to local governments and hospitals and are also distributed as support funds to organizations that conduct activities in Japan to support the prevention of healthcare collapse due to COVID-19.
Through the funds in "Disaster Recovery Mirai Donation," the Foundation also provides support funds to activities that support the needed during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Yahoo! JAPAN provided supportive measures in response to the requests from Social Emergency Management Alliance ("SEMA").

Yahoo! JAPAN: Secretariat of SEMA


Special Website on COVID-19 Measures

LINE has carried out various measures to help resolve the life inconveniences caused by COVID-19. It has opened a special website to inform the users the things that can be done by using LINE.
LINE also provides assistance to the central and local governments through LINE Official Accounts to facilitate delivery of information from governments to the public, local residents, and business operators.

Nationwide COVID-19 Measure Survey

Based on the agreement concluded with the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare on information sharing to prevent clusters of COVID-19, LINE has conducted a series of Nationwide COVID-19 Measures Surveys using its communication app "LINE" and published the survey results.

Learning Content of Five Main Subjects Provided Free of Charge Through "Support for School Closure Due to COVID-19 - by LINE MIRAI Foundation"

LINE MIRAI Foundation, in cooperation with The Mathematics Certification Institute of Japan, Gakken Holdings., Ltd., ICHISHIN HOLDINGS CO., LTD., and KJS Company LTD., began providing learning videos, etc. of five main subjects free of charge through LINE Official Accounts. The videos are designed for junior high and senior high school students impacted by COVID-19 school closures across the country. As the first step, a LINE Official Account named "Support for School Closure due to COVID-19 - by LINE MIRAI Foundation" was opened, and learning videos and exercise problems of school subjects (Japanese, mathematics, science, social studies, English, etc.) were provided free of charge on the account to support studying at home.
The use of LINE for online learning expanded subsequently, in terms of both the number of accounts and the number of learners, and the project is now conducted under the name, "LINE study," by certifying like-minded LINE Official Accounts opened by companies and organizations in collaboration with LINE MIRAI Foundation. Free learning content, such as classroom-like lesson videos and question-and-answer workbooks, is provided on the accounts certified as LINE study, enabling students to learn at anytime and anywhere on their smartphones.

Support for the Cruise Ship Diamond Princess

Responding to the request from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, LINE and SoftBank Corp. provided about 2,000 iPhones for use by the passengers and crew of the Diamond Princess, a cruise ship anchored off the coast of Daikoku Pier in quarantine after the outbreak of COVID-19. The iPhones were preinstalled with the LINE app so that the quarantined would be able to make necessary communications, such as receiving online medical and psychological counselling and sending medication requests, through the dedicated LINE Official Account.

ASKUL Corporation

Following the outbreak of COVID-19 last year, hygiene products were purchased in bulk for the purposes of resale and stockpiling, and this resulted in severe shortages of the much-needed supplies to healthcare facilities and nursing homes. As a lifeline to its customers, ASKUL, utilized customer attribute data, purchase data, and other data to build an EC system in two weeks that identifies and prioritizes sales to medical professionals and other customers who truly need the products, thereby realizing a stable supply of sanitary products.. This has made it possible to stably supply hygiene products to more than five times as many customers, mainly medical and nursing care facilities, per day compared to the number before the system was established. The mechanism was also utilized by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as a priority supply scheme.

ZOZO, Inc. ("ZOZO")

In response to the impact of the COVID -19, ZOZO has produced charity T-shirts under the slogan "SAVE FASHION, SAVE THE TOWN" in the hope that fashion will continue to give hope to people's hearts. As a social support activity through the proceeds of the charity T-shirts, ZOZO provided a total of 11,756 bottles of antiseptic hand gels to 445 apparel companies (companies that had expressed their wish to receive antiseptic hand gels in the questionnaire conducted with ZOZOTOWN merchants).

PayPay Corporation

PayPay Corporation supports various organizations that conduct activities to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
All proceeds (excluding consumption tax) from the sales of support-themed customizable designs of the app of its smartphone payment service, "PayPay", are donated to various organizations.

Donation Services

Yahoo! JAPAN Internet Fund Raising

Yahoo! JAPAN Internet Fund Raising is a service in which users can easily make donations to organizations such as NPOs using their credit cards and T-Points.
In addition to "Fund Raising" to which donations are regularly solicited for organizations that are active in various fields, such as international cooperation, environment, welfare, etc., Yahoo! JAPAN also solicits "Emergency Relief Fund" which is opened immediately after a disaster strikes so that support measures can be initiated as quickly as possible.

Donations collected through Yahoo! JAPAN Internet Fund Raising for fiscal 2020 are as follows.

Yahoo! JAPAN Internet Fund Raising Results

Collection Period April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021
Donation Amount JPY1,464,688,714
Cumulative Total (November 2004 to March 2021) JPY7,080,689,286

Donations Through LINE

LINE organizes donation drives to support and encourage lives during the pandemic.

Donations through Yahoo Japan Foundation

The total amount of donations and support funds in fiscal 2020 through Yahoo Japan Foundation was JPY605,994,976 and JPY72,173,350, respectively.

Fiscal 2020 Reliefs

Emergency Disaster Relief
Support Program Recipient of Donation Donation Amount Total Donation Amount
Relief for July 2020 Heavy Rain Japanese Red Cross Society JPY108,054,122 JPY150,200,036
Central Community Chest of Japan JPY30,000,000
Institute for Human Diversity Japan JPY9,720,000
Kumamoto Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster JPY2,000,000
Civic Force JPY425,914
Support Toward COVID-19 Infection Local governments facing a large number of COVID-19 cases (state of emergency areas, etc.) (21 municipalities) JPY265,000,000 JPY445,000,000
Healthcare institutions nationwide treating COVID-19 patients (34 institutions) JPY180,000,000
Support for Women and Children Impacted by COIVD-19 Infection NPO Kids' Door JPY1,000,000 JPY7,000,000
Colabo JPY1,000,000
Certified NPO Single Mothers Forum JPY1,000,000
Certified NPO 3keys JPY1,000,000
Federation of Inochi No Denwa JPY1,000,000
Certified NPO PIECES JPY1,000,000
Little Women Project JPY1,000,000
Total amount of donations JPY 602,200,036
Support for Civic Activities Through the Use of the Internet and IT Technology
Support Program Recipient of Donation Donation Amount
Support for the Creation of Learning Content for Children With Hearing Disabilities ShuR NPO JPY3,794,940
Total amount of donations JPY3,794,940

Fiscal 2020 Support Funding

Support Funding Program Donation Program No. of Supported Organizations Support Amount
Support Funding for Activities to Prevent Medical Collapse Support for activities to prevent medical collapse 48 JPY39,672,520
Support Funding for Activities to Prevent and Mitigate Disasters Disaster Recovery Mirai 1 JPY3,000,000
Support Funding for Recovery Investigation of Disaster-Affected Areas Disaster Recovery Mirai 6 JPY20,806,830
Support Funding Program 2017 Continued - Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Support Division 311 Reconstruction Support 2 JPY8,694,000
Total amount of support funding JPY72,173,350

Initiatives to Prevent Fading of Memories of Great East Japan Earthquake

FY2020 is the final year of Yahoo Japan Foundation's "Support Funding for the Recovery of the Great East Japan Earthquake" which began in FY2014. To mark the final year, we published a report on our activities titled, "Forever in Our Memories - Our Findings from Supporting the People in Their Road to Recovery". We published the total amount of donations made, total amount of support funding to the Great East Japan Earthquake, and interviews made to the people in the organizations we have supported.

Site capture of "Forever in Our Memories - Our Findings from Supporting the People in Their Road to Recovery"

Collaboration Programs Between LODGE and Public Interest Groups

LODGE is an open collaboration space set up in Yahoo! JAPAN's Kioicho office, Tokyo. From 2020, LODGE has shifted its activities mainly to the online arena, aiming to create innovation through open collaboration. Under the theme of "Making Japan More Convenient With Information Technology," LODGE promotes collaborative projects with a high degree of public interest and public welfare, mainly through the promotion of municipal DX, and proposes and promotes manufacturing with new values that lead to the solution of social issues.
"Open Collaboration" encompasses such concepts as "encounters," "exchange," "growth," "creativity," and "co-creation." Through the encounters and exchange between the employees and businesses of Yahoo! JAPAN and a wide variety of people, products and things, LODGE hopes to break down the barriers of knowledge and experience that cannot be overcome single-handedly and achieve growth, as well as to create new services and businesses through cooperation and experiment that would change the future.

The picture of co-working space

Active Collaboration with a Nonprofit Sector

Yahoo! JAPAN is a supporting member of the Japan Association of New Public, a group formed by NPO representatives and social entrepreneurs who are solving social issues in the forefront. In addition to regularly exchanging information, Yahoo! JAPAN strives to address social issues by promoting cooperation across sectors through activities such as collaborative events at LODGE, our co-working space.

Sponsorship of Technology and Development Events

In fiscal 2020, Yahoo! JAPAN sponsored: Accessibility Festival, The 34th Annual Conference of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence, 2020, KubeFest Tokyo 2020, Cloud Operator Days Tokyo 2020, JANOG46, Developers Summit KANSAI, iOSDC Japan 2020, Designship2020, JANOG47 Meeting, 13th Forum on Data Engineering and Information Management (DEIM2021, 19th Database Society of Japan Annual Meeting) , 27th Annual Meeting of the Association for Natural Language Processing (NLP2021), and other events.
Additionally, documents used by the engineers and designers of Yahoo! JAPAN are made available to the public via Slideshare.