Community Investment

The Z Holdings Group considers disaster control assistance, promotion of digital transformation (DX), involvement in regional communities, and support for future generations as its priority issues when solving the problems of regional communities and society. For this, it will collaborate and cooperate with stakeholders including regional communities, governments, universities, non-government organizations (NGOs), and non-profit organizations (NPOs) to promote initiatives to achieve a prosperous society.

Figures Related to Community Investment

  FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Amount of community investment *1
Donations and subsidies from ZHD and Yahoo! JAPAN JPY
Donations from customers JPY
Amount of other community investment *1 JPY
Number of employees participating from Yahoo! JAPAN*2
Number of general participants*2
  • *1 Calculated from social contribution activity costs and transaction value of Yell Market (the figures cover activities of Z Holdings Corporation ("ZHD") and Yahoo Japan Corporation ("Yahoo! JAPAN")). Due to the change in the method for aggregating the transaction value of Yell Market, figures from fiscal 2019 have been retroactively adjusted.
  • *2 Cumulative number of participants for the fiscal year

Breakdown of social contribution activities

Examples of initiatives
【Investment in local community】
Medium- to long-term social contribution activities aimed at solving social issues relevant to both the local community and Yahoo! JAPAN
Local community activities at Yahoo! JAPAN office locations, 3.11 Project, aid for student volunteer activities by Yahoo Japan Foundation, etc.
【Philanthropic activities】
Social contribution through donations, or through activities that are meant for one time or for a short term
Matching donations to emergency disaster relief fund raising
【Commercial activities】
Activities that are designed to turn profits by way of social contribution activities
Operation of Yell Market, etc.
  • *Ratios are calculated based on the amount of community investments made, excluding donations from users through Yahoo! JAPAN Internet Fund Raising.

Assistance to Disaster-Affected Areas

With disasters expected to become increasingly severe and frequent in the future, the Z Holdings Group finds it its responsibility as a leading company of the IT society to offer various recovery support through its online services. The Group supports recovery thorough activities related to prevention and reduction of disasters, provision of information during disasters, and through its e-commerce service as well as donation drives.

3.11 Project: Yahoo! JAPAN and LINE's joint project to provide continuous support to areas affected by the disaster

The 3.11 Project has been held each year since 2014 to remember the areas and people affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11 with the aim of preventing the disaster from being forgotten and providing continuous support for recovery.
In 2021, Yahoo! JAPAN carried out this project in collaboration with LINE Corporation ("LINE"). The initiatives undertaken included: "Search for 3.11: Searching is Supporting," a project in which 10 yen was donated for every person who searched "3.11" to organizations engaged in recovery support; "Smartphone Evacuation Simulation," simulation-based content with which users can experience how to confirm safety in the event of a large-scale earthquake, gather information using a smartphone, and move to an evacuation site in a safe manner; and "Knowledge Is Empowering," a project to introduce articles featuring "people" affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.
In addition, each company carried out numerous original initiatives and donated JPY108,779,299, a record amount since the launch of the 3.11 Project, to the Tohoku region and other disaster affected areas.

SEMA (Social Emergency Management Alliance)

SEMA is a collaborative initiative of 60 private companies and seven nonprofit organizations in Japan that enables a one-stop provision of the companies'supplies and services during a major natural disaster. Yahoo! JAPAN works as the secretariat for the initiative, ASKUL Corporation ("ASKUL") provides daily necessities including drinking water and food, and ZOZO, Inc. ("ZOZO"), which joined in August 2020, will provide clothing in the future.
SEMA prepares for disasters by putting together a list of the supplies and services of the member companies and organizations. When a major natural disaster occurs, it swiftly delivers available supplies to the affected areas based on this list.

A press conference

Support Activities Through Yahoo! JAPAN Ishinomaki Base

In July 2012, Yahoo! JAPAN opened Yahoo! JAPAN Ishinomaki Recovery Base in Ishinomaki which was severely affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Three or more employees were stationed to engage in disaster recovery in the Tohoku region. The base was later renamed as Yahoo! JAPAN Ishinomaki Base, moving on from disaster recovery to regional revitalization in the Tohoku region.
While the base was closed in March 2021, ten years after the Great East Japan Earthquake, Yahoo! JAPAN will continue to leverage the knowledge, experience and connections that it has cultivated during the past ten years, and work to resolve issues faced by the areas affected by the disaster in Tohoku and other region.

Launch of disaster relief fund raising

In the event of a major disaster in Japan or abroad, a special webpage dedicated to disaster relief fund raising is promptly opened at Yahoo! JAPAN Internet Fund Raising to raise funds for nonprofit organizations that carry out disaster relief activities.
For disasters that have caused large scale damage and require long-term recovery efforts such as the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake, dedicated pages are opened each year to provide continuous support.

Emergency support funding and matching donations for restoration and recovery support funds

Yahoo Japan Foundation is a nonprofit organization run by Yahoo! JAPAN. Matching donations* from Yahoo! JAPAN are applied to emergency support funding, which is launched in the event of a large-scale disaster, and to Saigai Fukko Mirai Bokin (Disaster Recovery Donation for the Future), which is constantly open. Through Yahoo Japan Foundation, the funds are used to help the areas and people affected by the disaster.
In particular, for the areas affected by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, Yahoo Japan Foundation continuously supports 44 organizations.

  • *A scheme in which Yahoo! JAPAN matches the amount of donations made to Yahoo Japan Foundation (an upper limit is applied).

Tour de Tohoku

Tour de Tohoku is a bicycle event that has been held every year since 2013 by Yahoo! JAPAN and Kahoku Shimpo Publishing to support the restoration efforts after the Great East Japan Earthquake.
In Tour de Tohoku 2019, the seventh of the event held in 2019, a total of 3,973 riders raced through Miyagi and Fukushima Prefectures.
While Tour de Tohoku 2020 was forced to be cancelled due to the effects of COVID-19, the organizers are currently preparing to hold Tour de Tohoku 2021 as a special event to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake. This is planned to be conducted in a safe way by taking various measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in cooperation with the local government organizations which will be the co-organizers of the event. "Tour de Tohoku 2021 Virtual Ride" will be held after the Tour de Tohoku 2021. This will be an indoor event where visitors can experience Tour de Tohoku courses with the actual video footage recorded in the past ten years after the earthquake.
Through Tour de Tohoku, Yahoo! JAPAN will continue to make efforts to preserve the memories of the Great East Japan Earthquake for the future and promote the attractiveness of the Tohoku region.

Yahoo! JAPAN Disaster Prevention Test: Encouraging the acquisition of knowledge to protect oneself in case of a disaster

In 2018 and 2019, Yahoo! JAPAN released a limited-time content called the All Japan Disaster Prevention Test with the aim of providing everyone with the knowledge to protect themselves in the event of a disaster. A total of 4,112,372 users participated in the test over three occasions.
Yahoo! JAPAN believes that users will need a place where they can constantly check their disaster prevention knowledge. Thus, the test was renamed as Yahoo! JAPAN Disaster Prevention Test in 2020, and was renewed as permanent content for users to check their disaster preparedness. Along with other contents such as "Yahoo! JAPAN Disaster Alert" and "Bosai Diversity (Disaster Prevention Diversity)," Yahoo! JAPAN endeavors to disseminate useful information that people can refer to before and after a disaster occurs.

Fisherman Japan

Yahoo! JAPAN has been supporting the activities of Fisherman Japan since its establishment in May 2014. It was founded to revitalize and solve the problems of the fishery industry, one of the major industrial pillars of the Sanriku area.

Yahoo! JAPAN's support includes the sale of seafood at Yahoo! JAPAN Shopping and the launch of a fan club organization. In cooperation with its partner companies, Yahoo! JAPAN is also engaged in a new type of fishery revitalization support based on customer relationship management (CRM).

Measures to prevent and mitigate disasters

LINE aims to realize a resilient and sustainable society that can combat disasters by using the messaging app LINE in order for its users to protect themselves and their loved ones, and for administrative agencies to respond to disasters and support those affected by disasters.

Dissemination of disaster information using LINE

Since May 2019, LINE has been providing local government agencies with one free LINE Official Account per organization. Many local government agencies have used their LINE Official Accounts to disseminate disaster information such as evacuation alert.
In March 2021, LINE, in collaboration with Yahoo! JAPAN, started offering a new function to disseminate push notifications of Yahoo! JAPAN Disaster Alert to LINE Official Accounts as LINE Smart Notifications.

Measures to prevent and mitigate disasters thorough industry-government-academia collaboration

LINE established the Council on Artificial Intelligence for Disaster Resilience in 2019, in collaboration with private companies such as Yahoo! JAPAN, research organizations such as the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience (NIED) and the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), and central government ministries and agencies such as the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and the Cabinet Office of Japan. Through industry-government-academia collaboration, the Council on Artificial Intelligence for Disaster Resilience conducts research and demonstrations on disaster prevention initiatives using AI and the social media.
As a result of such collaboration, the Council offers systems that use LINE to collect information from citizens in times of disaster and provide training, as well as to confirm the safety of firefighters and to collect information from the firefighters. These systems have been adopted and put into practice by several local governments, including Kobe City.

Utilization as a method for conveying information in the event of a disaster

After the Kumamoto Earthquake in 2016, Kumamoto City has been using the messaging service LINE as a tool for confirming the safety of its employees and for sharing information. Under an agreement between LINE and Kumamoto City, disaster drills have been conducted and reports to verify the effectiveness of the drills have been issued.
In the 50th Sakurajima Volcano Explosion Comprehensive Disaster Drill conducted in 2020, OpenChat was used to coordinate information among organizations. Many organizations and business operators, including Kagoshima City, the Self-Defense Forces, the Kagoshima Coast Guard, the Kagoshima Prefectural Police, lifeline operators, and DMAT, participate in this drill to verify its effectiveness.

Implementing features useful in emergencies

The basic functions of LINE are also useful in emergencies. The "Read" mark is a function that tells the sender of a message that the recipients have read the message even if they cannot reply due to an emergency, and it can be used to confirm the safety of the recipients. Location information, which can be selected from the chat screen, is a function that enables the users to send an address and a map in an emergency. The current location or the assembly point for their family can be informed using this feature. "How to Use LINE in an Emergency" introduces the functions and usage of LINE that can also be used as a hotline in the event of disasters or other emergencies.

Conducting an online evacuation drill

LINE Fukuoka Corporation, a subsidiary of LINE, conducted an impromptu evacuation drill jointly with Fukuoka City targeting the citizens of the City. If a user registers for the participation in the evacuation drill on the Fukuoka City's LINE Official Account, a message is sent anytime during the certain period of time to invite the user to participate in the online evacuation drill on the LINE Official Account. More than 10,000 users participated in this drill.

Sales of products that support aid activities and that lead to social contribution

Since 2011, ASKUL has been selling "products with donations" in an effort to support industrial recovery in the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and provide educational support by donating some of the proceeds from certain ASKUL's original products. In this effort, ASKUL collaborated with its customers and manufacturers to support the recovery of the affected areas. For the next ten years, starting in 2021, ASKUL will continue to support projects that will underpin the future of the three prefectures in the Tohoku region by launching initiatives rooted in the communities. Specifically, ASKUL will provide support by combining impact investing with donations with the aim of providing sustainable support to the companies operating in Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima prefectures in the Tohoku region.

Support through "ASKUL Sweet" point reward program

ASKUL offers a program that allows customers to make donations to disaster-stricken areas using their ASKUL Sweet points earned from use of ASKUL services. The donation destinations include, among others, areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, Kumamoto earthquakes, and heavy rain in July 2018.

Support through "daily shopping" via Web Bellmark

Customers can easily participate in supporting schools in the Tohoku region and across Japan with no additional defrayment by adding just one step to their daily shopping at LOHACO, ASKUL's BtoC online shopping site; all they have to do is access the LOHACO site via Web Bellmark's site and complete their daily shopping at LOHACO as usual.

Support through sales of charity goods

Charity button badges were made and sold at the ZOZOTOWN site as well as at the ZOZO CHAMPIONSHIP venue. A sum of 19,183,103 yen, collected through the tournament's charity activities including the revenues from the sales of the button badge, was donated as relief money to the local governments of the affected areas through the Japanese Red Cross Society, and 8,209,500 yen was donated to the Society to support its ongoing aid activities for the affected areas.

Support with charity T-shirt - COVID-19 countermeasures support project

As a support measure against the spread of COVID-19, ZOZO launched the SAVE FASHION, SAVE THE TOWN campaign and created charity T-shirts in the hope that fashion will continue to give hope to people's hearts. As a social support activity using the proceeds from the charity T-shirts, ZOZO donated a total of 11,756 hand sanitizer gel bottles to 445 apparel companies on ZOZOTOWN which expressed interest in receiving hand sanitizer gel bottles in a survey conducted by ZOZO.

Promotion of DX in Society

In line with its business integration with LINE in March 2021, Z Holdings Corporation announced that it will work to address Japan's digital transformation (DX) and social issues through public-private partnerships in "Social Services" which is one of the areas where there are large social issues that are expected to be solved with the Internet.

Z Holdings Selected as a DX-Certified Operator

By leveraging its expertise cultivated over many years, ZHD will continue to make users' lives more convenient and enriched through various services it provides, while working to solve social issues. In order to promote digitization while providing users with security and safety, ZHD has established the "Data Governance Guidelines." Based on these guidelines, ZHD promotes digitization by focusing on the following three points: security and privacy protection, transparency and the right to choose, and problem solving through data.
ZHD has received certification in June 2021 for these efforts as they meet the certification standards set by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), as well as for the appropriate disclosure of information to its stakeholders.

Information Technology Federation of Japan (ITrenmei)

In order to contribute to sound development of the IT industry in Japan and to develop the world's most advanced IT society, ZHD has been acting as a general supporting member of the Information Technology Federation of Japan, which was established with the aim of contributing to the enhancement of the Japanese economy, society and people's lives by actively making proposals while realizing bilateral communications with the government.
ITrenmei is actively pursuing various activities. For example, in 2020, an open dialogue between Taro Kono, the Minister for Administrative Reform and Regulatory Reform, and Takuya Hirai, Minister for Digital Transformation, based on the opinions gathers through the red-tape hotline regarding excessive regulations and bureaucratic sectionalism, was broadcast over the Internet. Requests on early discussions on the introduction of an online voting system to ensure safe and secure elections amid the COVID-19 pandemic were made to the government.

Redesigning data solutions service for business operators to meet the needs of the government agencies

Yahoo! JAPAN started offering the data solutions service to business operators in October 2019. The number of companies that have adopted the service reached 200 in March 2020, which has underpinned Japan's data-driven initiatives.
Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Yahoo! JAPAN began providing the service to the prefectural governments and ordinance-designated cities across Japan. This provision is free of charge for up to one year, so that the government agencies can utilize the service for their COVID-19 countermeasures. In addition to its regular service, DS.INSIGHT for Gov, a plan for government agencies that provides online education and problem-solving support specific to government agencies, has been launched in July 2020 in order to encourage more government agencies to utilize big data. In the face of the growing need for DX and big data applications by companies and government agencies, Yahoo! JAPAN will continue to add and improve functions of its data solutions services.

Organizing online seminar to support DX in accordance with the diversity of local governments

As part of the activities of LODGE, Yahoo! JAPAN's open collaboration space, Yahoo! JAPAN started holding online seminars in June 2021, targeting local government officials in charge of DX promotion. Yahoo! JAPAN aims to provide diverse content tailored to the various issues faced by local governments and their characteristics, such as: lectures on open data, which can be utilized easily by anyone free of charge; knowledge-sharing among stakeholders in charge of municipal DX; and introduction of case studies of DX initiatives. By utilizing LODGE as a hub for people, goods and services related to municipal DX, Yahoo! JAPAN will contribute to the revitalization of local communities through the use of data and digitalization, as well as improving the convenience of residents.

Free Provision of LINE Official Accounts to central and local government agencies

LINE provides one free LINE Official Account to each government ministry and agency in Japan. The accounts have been used by the ministries for their public relations and other purposes, and in fiscal 2020, the usage increased among the ministries as they used the accounts to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. LINE also provides one free LINE Official Account to each local government as part of its "Plan for Local Government Agencies."

LINE Smart City Promotion Partner Program

In order to support the promotion of digital transformation by local government agencies, LINE launched the LINE Smart City Promotion Partner Program in July 2020.
The program, which serves as a community for local government agencies that aim to become smart cities, has been participated by approximately 400 local government agencies as of March 2021. The local government agencies that have participated in the program can collect and share information for DX promotion and develop DX projects in collaboration with LINE and other participating local government agencies.

Creating open data on child-rearing AI chatbots

With the aim of realizing both the promotion of the introduction of AI chatbots by local government agencies and the creation of open FAQ data which is necessary for the introduction of AI chatbots, in October 2020, the Child-Rearing Open Data Council, for which LINE acts as a member, published the "2020 Report on Discussions for Promoting the Usage of Child-Rearing AI Chatbots." The report compiled the format of FAQ data sets for AI chatbots by local government agencies reflecting the opinions of business operators in charge of the development and operations of AI chatbots as well as the current situation of child-rearing chatbots in Japan. At the same time, the FAQ data sets based on the FAQ of Shibuya Ward have been made available to all local government agencies.

Involvement in regional communities

The Z Holdings Group considers it important to contribute to the society through its Internet service business and e-commerce business provided across Japan.
As a member of regional communities, which are the foundation of corporate activity, and together with the Group's stakeholders, the Z Holdings Group will provide a wide range of support by leveraging the personnel and IT technology resources, to respect the regions' traditions and culture and pass them on to the next generation. By doing so, the Group aims to achieve a prosperous society.

Natural environment protectionYahoo! JAPAN
  • Collection of plastic marine debris
  • Management of biotope to protect and restore biodiversity
  • Cleanup activities around the company's offices/logistics centers
Support to the future generation and education using ITYahoo! JAPAN
  • Internet classes for elementary school children
  • Cybersecurity lectures at The Tokyo University
  • Cybersecurity lectures at Kyushu University
  • Support for initiatives to solve regional problems by using data

  • LINE
  • Programming education
  • Education on information ethics
  • Provision of educational materials on financial and information literacy
  • Provision of educational material on "Disaster Prevention Drill with a Focus on Information"

  • ZOZO
  • Career education classes for elementary and junior high school children
  • Provision of "Working Program" classes replacing hands-on learning at workplace
Local communities, societyYahoo! JAPAN
  • Efforts to create communities with the local residents
  • VR experience events
  • Support for extracurricular activities on programming at junior high schools
  • Volunteers at marathon events
  • Traffic control volunteers at events held by local shopping districts

  • LINE
  • Community initiatives in Fukuoka City
State of the local contribution activity( left:The state that participates in a festival, right:State of the VR experience)

Yell Market: Sending cheers across Japan through products

Yell Market was launched in December 2011 in an effort to support the shops whose sales routes were lost due to the Great East Japan Earthquake.
The platform was renewed in October 2018 as a shopping medium supporting ethical products that give consideration to people, society, local areas, and the environment, as well as recovery efforts. Specifically, Yell Market only sells products that are strictly selected by Yahoo! JAPAN staff based on criteria such as organic products, products that provide job opportunities for people with disabilities, environmentally-friendly products, "Eco Mark" labeled products, traditional crafts, local specialties, and disaster relief products.
In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company launched "Support by Purchasing and Eating," an initiative to connect unutilized products left at hotels and shops with consumers and to encourage consumption activities. Another initiative was "#Send an Emergency Survival Kit" which encouraged people to send essential items for emergency preparedness to their loved ones to protect their lives from disasters. These initiatives have attracted great attention.

Initiative in Fukuoka City

Through its subsidiary LINE Fukuoka Corporation located in Fukuoka City, LINE has been collaborating with Fukuoka City in creating a smart city under a comprehensive cooperation agreement on a regional joint project. More than 1.78 million users have registered themselves as friends of Fukuoka City's LINE Official Account. The account has many functions including a function for notifying problems with roads and parks and an evacuation aid function in the event of a disaster. LINE Fukuoka has also been collaborating with local companies and organizations in Fukuoka City to promote the development of a convenient and enriched city by utilizing LINE technologies.

Initiatives in Chiba City

ZOZO, which has long been based in Chiba City, is engaged in various sponsorship activities, working closely with people in the community to contribute to the development of the city, and also has an allowance system for employees living in the designated areas of the city. In addition, based on a comprehensive agreement signed with Chiba City and Chiba University, the company collaborates with these parties to bring their resources and know-how together for the development of the city with a vision for the future.
In addition, ZOZO has engaged in activities in collaboration with school organizations including the provision of career education classes at public elementary and junior high schools in Chiba City and helping the design of uniforms for boys' volleyball team of a junior high school near ZOZO's head office. The company also runs "ZOZO Connection," an employee benefit program aimed at revitalizing restaurants, cafes and other stores located in the area where the company operates. ZOZO also works with restaurants in Chiba City and other parts of Chiba Prefecture to create gifts using Chiba products and other activities that will bring Chiba to a wider audience.

Supporting the Next Generation

Yahoo! JAPAN carries out various initiatives including Yahoo! JAPAN Kids and literacy education to ensure safety and security in children's use of the Internet.
Furthermore, Yahoo! JAPAN believes it is necessary for the continuance of its business to develop human resources that can understand and use IT.
Through technology events such as Hack U, Yahoo! JAPAN supports the development of personnel who can actively use IT.

Yahoo! JAPAN Kids

Yahoo! JAPAN provides Yahoo! JAPAN Kids, a portal site for children to enjoy using the Internet safely.
The portal site complies with guidelines for ensuring a safe and secure environment for the usage by children through the introduction of a mechanism to ensure that inappropriate pages for children are not shown by filtering search results before they are displayed. Through the use of the portal site at classrooms and at home, Yahoo! JAPAN aims to promote the proper use of the Internet, so that the Internet can be used to overcome various obstacles and expand the future possibilities of children.

Provision of hands-on programming experience targeting elementary school children

In response to the new elementary school curriculum that mandated programming education from April 2020, Yahoo! JAPAN ran a series of hands-on programming events named "Hack Kids" from April 2017 to December 2019, aimed at eliminating the regional disparities in programming education opportunities. The events were held in 12 locations across Japan and a total of 718 elementary students participated in the events.
To allow children across Japan to see and try programming easily without geographical constraints, some of the programs provided at Hack Kids events have been put together as learning content and uploaded to the Yahoo! JAPAN Kids website.
Yahoo! JAPAN will continue these and other programs to provide opportunities for children across Japan to experience the joy of programming and broaden their options for the future.

Lectures on online search for elementary school students

Yahoo! JAPAN's Kitakyushu Center engages in initiatives to teach elementary school students how to gather information using the Internet and learn about information accuracy. In the lectures, the students learn how to interact with the media and the Internet as well as how to use search engines and utilize the obtained information.
In fiscal 2020, classroom lectures were replaced by online lectures, providing the students with opportunities to experience the world of the Internet by connecting their classrooms with the employees of Yahoo! JAPAN.

Hack U: An event for students

With the aim of developing next-generation IT creators, Yahoo! JAPAN holds Hack U, a development event for students.
The event is designed for students of elementary school and above, and employees of Yahoo! JAPAN offer development support to ideas conceived by the students and give advice on how to realize the ideas. In addition, various workshops are held to provide knowledge on technologies prior to the development event.
In fiscal 2020, all events were held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A total of 12 hackathon events were held, including those held at each school and those open to the public across Japan, as well as nine workshops. A total of 1,059 students participated in these events.

Lectures on online safety to protect children

Yahoo! JAPAN's Hachinohe Center works closely with the Public Affairs Division to carry out an online safety project to protect children through the Hachinohe IT/Telemarketing Future Creation Conference.
In this project, employees of each member company who are qualified as an SIA-certified instructor carry out activities such as dispatching lecturers to encourage adults who protect and raise children in the community to think about the rapidly changing problems of the Internet. In May 2019, the Conference entered into an agreement with the Aomori Prefectural Police. Four lecturers, including an employee of Yahoo! JAPAN, are currently working to expand the range of activities under the delegation of a special cyber volunteer. A total of thirty lectures have been held until fiscal 2020, which were attended by approximately 3,220 participants.
As a result of the second term of lecturer development program in fiscal 2020, six new instructors joined the project. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the usage of ICT equipment has been rapidly increasing both at school and home. Amid such situation, Yahoo! JAPAN aims to deliver information on appropriate usage of the Internet to as many children and guardians as possible.

Dispatching Internet seminar lecturers to Yokohama Family Court

Yahoo! JAPAN sends lecturers to the seminar, "Risks and appropriate use of SNS," provided by the Yokohama Family Court for juvenile offenders and their guardians. The seminar aims to engage both parents and children to think and learn about the characteristics of the Internet as well as implications of posting/diffusing information.
Recently, SNS-related crimes are especially increasing among Internet-related juvenile crimes. The seminar places its emphasis on broadening the future possibilities of the youth, and teaches the juveniles who unfortunately used the Internet in a wrong way and became perpetrators, and their guardians, to not simply stay away from the Internet because it is harmful, but to use it as a tool on the basis of understanding its characteristics.

Company visits

As hands-on learning in career-oriented education, Yahoo! JAPAN has been receiving company visits from elementary schools, junior high schools and high schools across Japan since 2007. The company has received a total of approximately 8200 students from 780 schools so far. Since work styles at Yahoo! JAPAN changed significantly following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, company visits have been moved online. Yahoo! JAPAN aims to provide a company visit that changes the image of working, as an effort to solve the social problem of improving the work awareness among the youth. At the same time, Yahoo! JAPAN anticipates that its initiative in encouraging students to become familiar with and understand the Internet industry will offer an opportunity for future career choices and lead to the birth of many IT personnel.

IT Personnel Development Project: Raising awareness and broadening options for the future generations living in the digital society

Yahoo! JAPAN uses its strengths in IT to offer an active-learning education program mainly to high schools nationwide, and assigns its employees as lecturers.
The program aims to encourage students to think on their own about how they will live in the increasingly advanced digital society.
Topics covered in learning materials include online sales and digital marketing, among others. By having students think about these themes and at the same time learn independence, collaboration, diverse values and ways of thinking, the program provides an opportunity for the young people to think about the necessities in the future society.

Security lectures at Kyushu University

Yahoo! JAPAN is engaged in the promotion of IT education and human resource development in cooperation with educational institutions. As part of the initiative, it has been offering lectures on security at Kyushu University since 2016.
By including topics related to the trend of the times, such as cryptocurrency and blockchain, efforts are made to ensure that the lectures are more interesting to the attendees.
Among such efforts, Yahoo! JAPAN provides opportunities for the attendees to think about security as their own problem by offering them actual security-related experiences such as showing how to actually hack during the lecture.
In fiscal 2020, all lectures were conducted online throughout the year, and approximately 1,300 people participated in the lectures.

Yahoo Japan Foundation: Matching donations to the Internet Mirai Fund

Yahoo Japan Foundation supports ideas and initiatives that make the impossible possible by taking advantage of the Internet and IT to improve the efficiency of simple tasks and resolve the digital divide. It carries out matching donations* where Yahoo! JAPAN matches the donations from users. From fiscal 2017 through 2020, the Foundation offered support to NPOs that are engaged in activities that support children using the power of IT.
Recipients of the support
Fiscal 2017: 3keys "Mex"
Fiscal 2018 and 2019: YSC Global School "NICO | Japanese × Children Project"
Fiscal 2020: ShuR "Creating Educational Content for Children with Hearing Difficulties"

  • *A scheme in which Yahoo! JAPAN matches the amount of donations paid to the account of Yahoo Japan Foundation (an upper limit is applied).

Sponsorship of SDGs for School

To assist in the spread of SDGs, Yahoo! JAPAN has been sponsoring SDGs for School, one of the activities of General Incorporated Association Think the Earth, since 2018. SDGs for School is a project that supports teachers and students who practice education to create a sustainable society.

In May 2018, "Mirai wo Kaeru Mokuhyo (Goals that change the future): SDGs Idea Book", a visual book that enables everyone from children to adults to enjoy learning about SDGs, was published and distributed for free to elementary and junior high schools across Japan.

Yahoo! JAPAN will continue to support activities that offer opportunities for future generations to learn about and deepen their knowledge of SDGs.

Initiatives by LINE MIRAI Foundation

The LINE MIRAI Foundation was established in order to return the knowledge and know-how gained from LINE's series of educational activities to society at large, not just within the scope of the CSR activities of individual LINE companies, and to make these activities more widespread and permanent.
In addition to further enhancing information ethics and programming education that the Foundation has been working on, the Foundation engages in educational, research, and awareness-raising activities related to AI and ICT by functioning as a platform where aspiring intellectuals gather to improve children's digital literacy, such as financial literacy in fintech and cybersecurity education, which will be necessary in the future society.

Programming education

LINE believes that it is important for the children who will be responsible for the future to not only learn to use ICT in a safe and secure manner (which was the focus of information moral education), but also that they develop the ability to create new things on their own. For this reason, LINE has offered "LINE entry," a free programming education platform since 2019.
In addition, LINE offers programming education classes to elementary school students in higher grades as well as training on programming education methods for school teachers.

Education on information ethics

The LINE MIRAI Foundation provides free lectures to schools, local government agencies and organizations across Japan. By connecting instructors with schools and other organizations through the Internet, the Foundation explains to children about the characteristics of communication and precautions required when using the Internet and the social media. The free lectures are also given to parents on the tips for protecting children from trouble, and to teachers on the Internet usage by children and practical education on information ethics.
Free educational materials are also made available on the website.

Provision of materials for financial and information literacy education

In today's digital society, money is treated as numbers (data) and trust is visualized. Therefore, financial education is needed not only in social studies and home economics, but also in the field of information. In light of this situation, the LINE MIRAI Foundation has been working on the provision of finance and information literacy education through which children can think for themselves about their attitudes toward finance and learn how to deal with invisible money (cashless transactions).

Provision of educational materials "Disaster Prevention Drill with a Focus on Information"

The LINE MIRAI Foundation has developed "Disaster Prevention Drill with a Focus on Information," educational materials to learn how to deal with information during disasters and how to identify false rumors and fake news, so that people can take action to protect their lives calmly in the event of a disaster. The educational materials, released in March 2021 and comprised of "slides for classes," "information cards," "student worksheets," and "guide books for instructors," can be downloaded free of charge by anyone and utilized in classroom and other occasions. The Foundation also dispatches lecturers to schools across Japan for free.