Basic Environmental Policy

While information technologies make the world a richer and more convenient place, they have an impact on the environment in the form of CO2 emissions from the consumption of electric power and other energies. The environmental impact is increasing with the expansion of the industry as a whole. To realize a sustainable society, we will make efforts to address climate change as well as strive to reduce the environmental impact derived from business activities, implement measures to reduce waste, and protect biodiversity.
We will also aim to help society by preparing and enhancing solutions so as to respond to the threat of natural disasters that are becoming more intense and frequent due to climate change.

Basic Environmental Policy

The Z Holdings Group, comprised of Z Holdings Corporation and its subsidiaries and affiliates, will continue to implement initiatives to conserve the global environment for future generations through the use of information technology. For this, we will strive to:

1. Realize a low-carbon society

We will set medium-term environmental load reduction targets and work with the supply chain to achieve these targets.

2. Conserve natural capital

・We will consider the impact of our business on the ecosystem and strive for sustainable procurement, waste management, and conservation of water resources and biodiversity.
・We will support efforts to preserve the global environment.

3. Fulfill legal compliance and international responsibilities

・We will place importance on environmental issues and strive to reduce risks.
・We will comply with domestic laws and regulations related to environmental conservation.
・We will support international environmental initiatives and work in collaboration with the international community to combat climate change.

4. Cooperate with the society through our services

・In response to natural disasters associated with climate change, we will collaborate with the society through cooperation with local municipalities and disaster prevention and mitigation services, etc.
・We will expand and enhance our recycling-oriented services to realize a sustainable society.

5. Educate and enlighten our employees to create the future

We will educate and enlighten our employees so that they understand the importance of environmental issues and are able to improve services and create innovations that are environmentally friendly.

Mid-Term Goals

Targets for "Mitigation" of Climate Change

Mid-Term Goals
By FY2030, reduce CO2 emissions subject to the GHG Protocol Scopes 1 and 2 to net-zero(t-CO2
  • *Goal revised in March 2022, accompanying Z Holdings Corporation's announcement of "2030 Carbon Neutrality Declaration"

Target for "Adaptation" to Climate Change

Mid-Term Goals
Conclude disaster alliance agreements with local municipalities to cover 90% of Japanese population by fiscal 2025

Management Structure

Structure to Manage Environmental Initiatives

In order to fulfill its social responsibility and to achieve sustainable development of society and the environment, the Z Holdings Group has established the ESG Promotion Committee which is presided over by the Group CFO (GCFO). Environmental measures and the four UPDATEs are promoted in cooperation with each group company (CSR Management Division, Corporate Division and Business Divisions).
GCFO is committed to environmental issues, meets regularly with the Coo-CEOs, and makes recommendations to the Top Management Committee and Board of Directors as necessary.

This is a diagram of the promotion system for environmental measures of the Z Holdings Group. The CSR promotion departments of each group company are promoting the measures in cooperation with the related departments of each measure. After that, the activity status is reported to the CEO and directors of Yahoo Japan through the ESG Promotion Committee owned by the Managing Executive Officer of Yahoo Japan Corporation. The committee is run by the CSR Promotion Department of Z Holdings as the secretariat.

Risk Management

Risk Management Committee

The Z Holdings Group establishes the Risk Management Committee, and risks related to the Group's business activities are recognized, identified and addressed under the leaderships of the Co-CEOs. In the environmental area, the Group conducts risk assessments of its environmental impact, on risks such as large-scale natural disasters associated with climate change and the spread of infectious diseases. The Group promotes its ESG initiatives in cooperation with the Risk Management Committee, which analyzes management risks.


Coverage of Environmental Index

The Z Holdings Group calculates each environmental indicator for the consolidated subsidiaries. Coverage ratio for each environmental indicator is calculated based on the sum of the consolidated revenue ratio of the consolidated subsidiaries for which we were able to compile data.