The Z Holdings Group makes efforts to create an environment where each employee can perform to the best of their abilities regardless of differences in life stage or personal attributes.

Basic Policy on Diversity

Yahoo Japan Corporation ("Yahoo! JAPAN")

By being a company where diverse human resources can maximize organizational effectiveness based on mutual understanding and respect, Yahoo! JAPAN aims to achieve its mission of "UPDATE JAPAN - Making Japan more convenient with the power of information technology."
To achieve this goal, Yahoo! JAPAN respects each and every employee, regardless of their experience, values, life stage, or attributes, and creates a foundation that allows them to play an active role in the creation of diverse services and business innovations.
To this end, Yahoo! JAPAN focuses on solving problems through employee projects on such themes as female employees, childcare, LGBT employees, persons with disabilities, globally hired employees, and more. In addition, for each project, a sponsorship system has been established under the sponsorship of the corporate officers, and diversity measures are implemented with full commitment of the management.

LINE Corporation ("LINE")

In order to achieve its MISSION of "CLOSING THE DISTANCE," LINE has established the "LINE STYLE" as its value standard and the "LINE CODE" as its action guideline. All executives and employees are expected to act in accordance with these standards. LINE CODE consists of four key words centered on the word "PRIDE." One of the keywords is "Respect," which stipulates that an environment in which diversity can be understood is necessary in order to take on many challenges.

In accordance with the LINE CODE, LINE will create an innovative company by communicating with each other and respecting each other, transcending the barriers between countries, organizations and positions.

Basic Policy on Human Rights (Human Rights Policy)

In accordance with international human rights principles*, the Z Holdings Group works to maintain a safe and secure working environment and respect the human rights and individuality of each and every employee by forbidding the use of forced labor and child labor, prohibiting discrimination and harassment, managing working hours, and recognizing labor unions and the right to collective bargaining, and others.

  • *Refers to: Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, Children's Rights and Business Principles, and the eight conventions constituting the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

Initiatives to Promote Diversity

Yahoo! JAPAN

As part of its training to the managers, Yahoo! JAPAN Conducts diversity management training focused on work styles of various human resources. This training is mandatory for all new managers. In addition to basic knowledge, managers will learn what to keep in mind when managing subordinates who have different work styles from their own, based on specific examples.
From fiscal 2016, a "Diversity Week" is held once a year, for the whole company. The human resources department, corporate officers and employee volunteers collaborate to hold an awareness-raising event to promote diversity within the company. Lectures and workshops are held as an occasion for all the employees to give a thought on diversity.
In addition, projects have been formed by employee volunteers on themes such as active participation of women, women's health, childcare, LGBT and other sexual minorities, people with disabilities, and globally hired employees, and they work with the corporate officers that sponsor the projects and the human resources department to solve problems.


At LINE, the promotion of diversity and inclusion is positioned as an important part of creating the value standard "WOW!" To this end, LINE has conducted diversity and inclusion training for managers since fiscal 2020. In addition to classroom lectures on the basics of diversity and inclusion and the perspectives that need to be held in order to create an environment where people can understand each other's diversity, the training is designed so that participants can think about cases where there is no single right answer. The participants' answers are shared so that they, as managers, can recognize the diversity of each other. In addition, as part of LINE's efforts to promote diversity and inclusion, LINE sends out newsletters that introduce its efforts to help foreign nationals solve various problems they face when working in Japan, how people with disabilities are playing an active role in the company, and what LINE is doing to encourage people with disabilities to play an active role. The above are just a few examples of the initiatives, but all employees are working together to promote diversity and inclusion.

Promoting Participation of Women in the Workplace

Yahoo! JAPAN conducts initiatives to ensure that women can continue working in a secure environment. In accordance with the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace, the company submitted its action plan on this issue to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in March 2016.

Measures Based on the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace

Currently, the proportion of female managers to the entire workforce in the Z Holdings Group is 20.3% for fiscal 2020. The percentage of women in overall and managerial positions is lower than the guideline in the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace, and this has been noted as an issue in Yahoo! JAPAN's Action Plan for the Promotion of Women's Activities. The Group will continue to proactively address this issue through measures to support life events and career development.

Measures to Promote the Activities of Diverse Human Resources

Yahoo! JAPAN has carried out measures to support women's careers since fiscal 2012, including career workshops and lectures hosted by female employee volunteers. In fiscal 2017, it held a seminar with about 70 participants on the "study of men," which examined women's social participation from the perspective of men, to promote understanding of diverse careers and work styles through mutual understanding.

Creating the Next Generation of Female Leaders

From fiscal 2019, Yahoo! JAPAN Academia, an in-house university of Yahoo! JAPAN established with the purpose of developing "next-generation leaders," has held "Female manager class," a program designed for female employees who are interested in management and who wish to climb up the career ladder. From fiscal 2020, Z Academia, an in-house university of the Z Holdings Corporation, is conducting a similar program.

Picture of workshops


Yahoo! JAPAN

In addition to the Office Anywhere system which enables employees to work anywhere, shorter working hours, flextime, and childcare & nursing care leave, Yahoo! JAPAN introduced a "selectable work system" in fiscal 2017 which allows employees to take leave one day per week in addition to weekends. The targets of this system are employees with a resident child at elementary school age or younger, or those that need to provide nursing care to family members. This enables a work style that better suits employees' specific needs, such as using the program only in August to coincide with the child's summer holidays.
Activities to support the balancing of work and childcare have been constantly conducted, led by employee volunteers. They include talk sessions between employees with small children and their managers, information exchange & consultation lunch meetings, and individual consultations.
Under the "Yahoo! JAPAN's New Workstyle" implemented in October 2020, core working hours have been abolished. The new workstyle allows employees to set their own work schedules within the prescribed monthly working hours, with a minimum working hour requirement of three hours on workdays. Employees are now able to autonomously arrange the most suitable work location and schedule according to their various life stages, enabling them to more smoothly balance work with childcare and nursing care.

Picture of information exchange & consultation lunch meetings


In addition to various systems such as shorter working hours, staggered working hours, and childcare and nursing care leave, LINE has a permanent in-house nursery, Midori no Hoikuen (located in the Yotsuya office) since 2017, to support employees, regardless of gender, in balancing work and childcare.
In addition, although the event has been cancelled since 2020 due to the pandemic, a Family Day is held in August every year to provide an opportunity for employees' families to not only visit the company and see the workplace, but also to understand LINE through programs held at the café and others.

Interior view of the Midori no Nursery School in the Yotsuya office


Yahoo! JAPAN

Since fiscal 2016, Yahoo! JAPAN applies the same welfare to same-sex partners and common-law spouses as it does to spouses.
As opportunities to promote understanding of LGBT within the company, Yahoo! JAPAN also carries out diversity training for managerial personnel as mandatory training, as well as lectures hosted by volunteer LGBT employees.
Through these activities, Yahoo! JAPAN received gold rating (highest rank) on PRIDE Index, which is an evaluation index on companies' inclusivity efforts towards LGBT and other sexual minority employees, in fiscal 2019. 
Yahoo! JAPAN also actively participates in awareness-raising activities outside the company, including participation in LGBT awareness events such as Tokyo Rainbow Pride. In fiscal 2020, Yahoo! JAPAN expressed its support for "Business for Marriage Equality," a campaign to encourage companies to support marriage equality in Japan. In addition, in response to requests from departments engaged in the construction and operation of Yahoo! JAPAN services, a volunteer project of LGBT employees is working to improve services by providing reviews from the perspective of LGBT people.

  • *LGBT - L (lesbian), G (gay), B (bisexual) and T(transgender)


For many years, LINE has included same-sex marriages and de facto partners in its welfare programs, such as congratulation and condolence leave and fertility support, placing importance on diverse values.
In addition, as part of the training for employees newly assuming management positions, LINE provides time for them to acquire basic knowledge about LGBT issues and to develop the awareness necessary to manage a variety of members.

Persons with Disabilities

Yahoo! JAPAN

Yahoo! JAPAN's recruitment policy is based on individual ability and ambition, regardless of whether the person has disabilities or not. Employees with disabilities work in a wide range of areas including sales and services planning, engineering, web design, customer support, corporate management, and more. The human resources department manages any employment-, work-, or life-related concerns employees with disabilities may have. Yahoo! JAPAN also has a special leave program for employees with disabilities in place, which grants special leave of six days per year.
In addition, a volunteer project within the company is continuously working to improve the services in collaboration with the services provided by Yahoo! JAPAN, utilizing the perspectives of persons with disabilities.
Yahoo! JAPAN currently satisfies the statutory employment ratio of persons with disabilities and will continue to actively employ such persons and establish a workplace environment where employees with disabilities can perform to their full potential.


In 2019, LINE established a special subsidiary company, LINE Business Support Corporation, where employees with disabilities are playing an active role in service monitoring, health keeper (massage) room operation, mail delivery, cleaning, administrative support and others.
LINE aims to create a work environment that is welcoming to all employees by providing work assignments and support that match the characteristics and growth aspirations of each person with a disability, and strives every day to create a company where people with disabilities themselves can experience growth.


Yahoo! JAPAN

Yahoo! JAPAN has four para-athletes who are working to acquire work experience and skills while balancing athletic activities and work.
In addition to supporting these athletes by adjusting their work hours and workloads according to their wishes, a volunteer employee project has taken the lead in organizing events that promote exchanges with para-athletes and the understanding of disabilities, thereby fostering a culture in which employees can work with peace of mind and demonstrate their abilities.

The picture of our athletes with disabilities  From the left, Kota Hokinoue (Wheelchair Marathon), Akiko Sugino (Para-Badminton), Shintaro Kano (Wheelchair Fencing), Koki Takemura (Wheelchair Marathon)


LINE employs athletes with disabilities who are aiming for the Paralympics and actively supports their athletic activities. Their main job is to compete in competitions, and they practice daily, attend training camps, and participate in competitions held not only in Japan but also around the world. Their activities give courage and inspiration to other employees. Some athletes also contribute to the maintenance of employee health by balancing their athletic activities with their duties as in-house health keepers (massage therapists).

Globally Hired Employees

Yahoo! JAPAN

Yahoo! JAPAN offers opportunities to those who have the will to self-develop and those with ambition, regardless of age, gender, or nationality. For this reason, Yahoo! JAPAN works to foster a culture that removes barriers for international employees so that they can relate to a wide range of people.
In fiscal 2017, the company held events to promote cross-cultural exchange and cross-cultural understanding, as well as to build a network among international employees.
In fiscal 2018, it hosted a Chinese New Year Night, and employees with various cultural backgrounds gathered to socialize.
In fiscal 2019, in addition to the regular orientation program held for new globally hired employees, we held a welcome event to support networking.
Furthermore, management's messages to employees via the intranet or e-mail are prepared in both Japanese and English to further the understanding of all employees.

Picture of cross-cultural exchange event


LINE has set up a specialized organization to provide support to its foreign employees.
This includes arranging a monthly apartment for the first two months after arrival in Japan, assistance with opening bank accounts, signing contracts for cell phones and housing, etc. LINE also provides support for cross-cultural exchange events for family members, visa procedures, consultation on daily living, medical and other emergencies, cancellation of housing contracts upon returning to their home country, withdrawal from pension plans, tax refunds, etc., so that foreign employees and their families do not have to worry about living in an unfamiliar country.
In addition, the Korean and English interpreting and translation team supports communication among foreign employees by interpreting and translating documents using the company's own expressions and technical terms.