Promises to Our Employees

The Z Holdings Group introduces various systems and implements initiatives to ensure that our employees can actively perform their work regardless of their stages in life, and continuously evolve and develop themselves. To facilitate internal communication and daily conversation, a variety of internal media, including the intranet and an internal SNS tool, are put in place, and all employees are encouraged to share their ideas through whichever channel that best suits their purpose.

*This webpage covers the activities of Yahoo Japan Corporation (“Yahoo! JAPAN”). We intend to sequentially disclose the information of other group companies as it becomes available.

Basic Policy on Employment

Yahoo! JAPAN believes respect for employees’ individuality and fair evaluation of their growth, evolution and performance are important in allowing employees to demonstrate their maximum potential. We offer opportunities to employees with ambition and desire for their growth and evolution, in order to enhance their performance, regardless of their age, sex, and nationality. As of March 31, 2019, Yahoo! JAPAN employs individuals from various countries and regions including India, Indonesia, U.K., South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Germany, Mongolia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Vietnam, Hungary and others.
Also as of March 31, 2020, our work force comprised roughly 70% male employees and 30% female. The average length of service stands at 7.2 years for men and 7 years for women.

Flexible Recruitment Approach and Internship

U30 Recruitment (*)

Yahoo! JAPAN abolished the conventional recruitment system of hiring new graduates en masse at a certain time of the year, and since October 2016 has adopted what it calls “U30 Recruitment,” whereby people aged 30 and younger are hired throughout the year regardless of their backgrounds, whether they are new graduates, previous graduates with and without job experience, or others.
Yahoo! JAPAN believes that the conventional approach of hiring only either new graduates or those who already have desirable work experience is not adequate for offering fair job opportunities to applicants who are neither, such as previous graduates with and without job experience. Also, with the timing of job searching diversifying among students studying abroad, seeking doctoral degrees, etc., we decided to introduce a recruitment framework that is more flexible than before.

  • (*) Covers new graduates and previous graduates with/without job experience.

Recruitment of People with Disabilities

Yahoo! JAPAN operates over 100 services, which means that there are that many arenas where our employees can bring out their potential. This is true to all people, with or without disabilities. Yahoo! JAPAN is a place where one can take up a lot of new challenges, and we recruit talent according to our recruitment policy for people with disabilities.

Recruitment Policy for People with Disabilities
1. We hire talent who, with or without disabilities, are willing to bring out their potential at Yahoo! JAPAN.
2. We pay attention to one’s circumstances but do not hesitate to treat equally.
3. All employees will work in the same field and have equal opportunities.


Yahoo! JAPAN internship programs provide students interested in working at Yahoo! JAPAN with hands-on job experience opportunities. To cater to students with different fields of specialization, several courses of internship are offered. Interns are provided with PCs and email addresses and assigned real-life work at Yahoo! JAPAN, just like our employees.
Some of the students participating in our internship programs joined Yahoo! JAPAN a few years later.

Performance Evaluation System

At Yahoo! JAPAN, goals are set for each unit at the beginning of the term, and employees are evaluated and their bonuses and pay raises determined semiannually, based on the achievement of the goals and contribution to the unit in relation to their expected roles.
Our performance evaluation system adopts the concept of “pay for performance,” i.e., employees are evaluated and paid according to their achievement and contribution to the company, regardless of age, history of service at the company, nationality, etc.
For appropriate execution of the entire process from setting of the goals to appraisal and feedback, performance evaluation follows the following cycle.
In addition to performance evaluation, peer feedback is conducted twice a year to encourage employees’ professional growth and improved performance for achieving goals; employees are given candid feedback from multiple colleagues closely involved in their jobs, and based on the feedback, they review their performance through 1 on 1 meetings with their superiors and others.

Cycle from Setting Goals to Evaluation

With a focus on bringing about larger business impact from a medium- to long-term perspective, goals are set for the fiscal year. During the term, the progress is shared in routine 1 on 1 meetings, and there is a period during which necessary adjustments and corrections are made to the goals in light of social conditions and external environment.

・Setting goals ― After annual goals are determined, goals for the half-year period (KPIs) are set
・Midterm feedback ― Taking peer feedback results and other things into account, progress against the pre-agreed goals and actions for achieving the goals are reviewed
・Goal adjustment period ― Adjustments and corrections of goals are made in light of changes in the market and social conditions, etc.
・End-of-term evaluation ― Achievement of half-year KPIs is evaluated

Feedback on Evaluation Results

The purpose of the feedback is to present the half-year evaluation results to the evaluated employee appropriately based on concrete facts so as to motivate the employee to perform even better in the next term and onward. Careful advice and motivators are given to employees so that they find their own aspirations for the future; for example to do their best or achieve better results in the next term.

To Realize a Motivating Work Environment

Yahoo! JAPAN is united in its efforts to create a motivating work environment as a prerequisite to achieving high business targets.

Pulse Check on Organizational Healthiness and Employee Satisfaction

Employee Satisfaction Survey
*Online questionnaire
・Conducted twice a year with all employees
・Results are fed back to divisions so that each division can recognize problems, set concrete future goals, and take corrective actions
<FY2019 results>
・Average score (scale of 1-5): 3.76
・6,641 respondents (response rate: 95.8%)


Harassment Check・Conducted once a year
・Aimed at early recognition of personal and organizational problems
・Hotline for reporting harassment, etc.
Stress Check・Conducted once a year
・Aimed at early recognition of personal and organizational problems
・FY2019 response rate: 89.1%

Internal Awards

Through an internal award program, Yahoo! JAPAN hopes to stimulate motivation of employees, recognize their contribution, and reward them for their hard work.

Yahoo! JAPAN Superstar Award

The award recognizes employees and projects that have made significant contribution to Yahoo! JAPAN’s overall business strategy. Once every six months, one project from each of the four Companies/Groups under the Yahoo! JAPAN organizational structure is selected and commended at the all-hands meeting. The winners receive significant attention as they are introduced to all employees as a model to be learned from, and are sometimes reward with the prize money of 1 million yen per project. In fiscal 2019, a total of 496 people were recognized through this award program.
Aside from this, many other employees are recognized for their contribution through Company-/Group-wide award programs.

Group photo

Developing a Motivating Work Environment thorough Labor-management Cooperation

As part of the ongoing effort to create a “workplace where people working there feel happy,” Yahoo! JAPAN exchanges opinions on a regular basis with the representatives of employees from Yahoo! JAPAN offices across Japan. The representatives are entrusted at each office by a confidence vote, and are actively involved in submission of opinions upon revisions of internal regulations, signing of the “36 agreement” and other agreements, participation in the Committee to Improve Health Conditions, exchange of opinions with the personnel division on personnel-related measures, etc. Through these, the labor and management are working together to develop a motivating work environment.

Improvements to Systems that Support Work and Childcare

To enable employees who are pregnant and those engaged in childcare or caregiving to continue working, a variety of systems are introduced in Yahoo! JAPAN. We have improved systems to levels that surpass legal frameworks.

Systems Available to Employees

Maternity leaveMaximum 5 working days. (Prior to the “Maternity Leave Before Childbirth”)
Yahoo! JAPAN childbirth leave7 days prior to the “Maternity Leave Before Childbirth”
Maternity leave before and after childbirth6 weeks’ leave before childbirth (14 weeks for multiple pregnancy) and 8 weeks’ leave after childbirth.
Childcare leaveUntil the child’s first birthday. Extendable until the child’s second birthday, if no vacancy is found in nursery facilities.
Shorter working hour system for childcareStandard working hours per day can be shortened to 5 hours until the child graduates from elementary school.
Flextime system for childcareA maximum of 90 minutes of flextime is allowed per day until the child graduates from elementary school.
Leave to nurse sick childrenMaximum 5 working days for 1 child of preschool age.
Maximum 10 working days for 2 children or more of preschool age.
Childbirth leave for prospective fathersMaximum 3 working days.
Available between 1 week prior to the birth date and 1 month after childbirth.
Nursing care leaveMaximum of 5 working days within a fiscal year for an employee taking care of one family member certified to be in need of care. Maximum of 10 working days within a fiscal year for an employee taking care of two or more family members with certified to be in need of care.
Shorter working hour system for nursing careStandard working hours per day can be shortened to 5 hours for a maximum of 5 years.
Flextime system for nursing careA maximum of 90 minutes of flextime is allowed per day for a maximum of 5 years.
Nursing care leave of absenceA maximum of 1 year per family member certified to be in need of care.
Selectable work systemSystem that provides one day of leave per week for childcare for elementary school students and younger, or if nursing care for a family member is required.

Support for Both Work and Family

The number of employees utilizing maternity and childcare leave, shortened hours, and the flextime system for childcare is increasing. As such, Yahoo! JAPAN started the mom/dad supporter system run by our employee volunteers in fiscal 2013 to offer support beyond physical systems. A variety of activities are conducted to support employees in balancing work and childcare such as: round table talks for employees raising children and superiors; lunch session for information sharing and consultations; individual consultations, etc.
We have also established a division specialized in promoting work-life balance, as well as provide management training, conduct activities aimed at raising awareness, and support diverse workstyles.
Seminars to support employees returning to work after maternity and childcare leave have been held twice a year since May 2012.

Picture of Seminars to support employees returning to work after maternity and childcare leave

In-house Daycare for Children “HUTTE”

To support employees wishing to return and continue to work after childbirth/childcare leave, Yahoo! JAPAN opened an in-house daycare for children “HUTTE.” The rate of employees returning to work after childbirth/childcare leave at Yahoo! JAPAN is 95.1% (fiscal 2019), but there have been cases where employees are unable to return to work due to the lack of available daycare centers, or have difficulties in leading daily life because they have no choice but to take their children to daycares far away from their homes and offices.
We are determined to support employees returning to work after childbirth/childcare leave by opening in-house daycares, with a view to creating a better work environment for all.

Flexible Workstyles

In Yahoo! JAPAN, we have adopted a working environment that embodies a corporate culture in which employees work independently and autonomously toward their respective goals.

Flextime SystemA system where employees can choose when to begin and end work, within a certain time fram
Dokodemo Office (Office Anywhere)A system where work may be done wherever it can reasonably be executed, without being tied to a specific location, for the purpose of increasing performance.

We are also striving to create a working environment to inspire daily improvements in productivity by working to minimize overtime work, establishing co-working spaces, and shifting the emphasis from meetings to dialogues.

Fulfilment of Various Leave of Absence Systems

Having a variety of leave systems is necessary in order to respond to diverse life styles and life stages of our employees. In addition to childcare leave and flextime, we are putting our energy into initiatives to raise employee awareness on ways to contribute to society by providing leaves for solving social issues, such as through participation in volunteer activities.
We have a lively work environment in which employees can proactively take paid leaves and pursue their own work-life balance.

Leave of Absence Systems Available to Employees

Special Observance of Holidays Falling on SaturdayShould a national holiday fall on a Saturday, the holiday will be shifted to and observed on the preceding workday.
Problem Solving LeaveEmployees may take up to three days off per year to participate in activities, such as volunteer work, to assist in addressing social problems.
Sabbatical SystemEmployees may take up to three months off to assess and adjust their careers, experiences, and workstyles.
Academic Leave of AbsenceEmployees may take up to two years off to focus on improving language skills or gaining expert knowledge away from their normal work.
Special leave for employees with disabilitiesA special leave of up to 6 days per fical yeaqr is granted to employees with disabilities in addition to the regular paid leaves in order to facilitate their management of their physical conditions and so that they can exert a stable performance.


Yahoo! JAPAN offers various personal finance schemes for employees, including “Defined Contribution Pension System,” “Employees' Saving Scheme (Zaikei)” (scheme to accumulate savings by periodic saving), and “Cumulative Stock Investment Program (Ruitou)” (stock investment method in which stock investment is made from the fixed amount of money reserved every month). In addition to social insurance, we also proactively offer protections for emergency situations, such as comprehensive welfare group term insurance and long-term income compensation system, to create a comfortable work environment.

Promotion of Health and Productivity Management

The Z Holdings Group believes that being in good physical and mental health is directly linked to optimal work performance. We also believe that it leads to the happiness of our employees and their families.
To promote the Good Condition Declaration declared by the President and Representative Director, Kentaro Kawabe, the corporate officer who concurrently serves as the President of personnel-related group of Yahoo! JAPAN and as the Chairman of YG Health Insurance Society has been appointed CCO (Chief Conditioning Officer) and leads health and productivity management. As a promotional structure, the Good Condition Promotion Office was established in Yahoo! JAPAN, and in collaboration with the YG Health Insurance Society established in 2018, the Office works to enhance health and productivity management.
For the first time, Z Holdings Corporation was named among the “2019 Health & Productivity Stock Selection” brands jointly selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange. For three years in a row since 2017, we were also acknowledged in the large enterprise category (White 500) of the Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program by Nippon Kenko Kaigi.
Yahoo! JAPAN of the Z Holdings Group has been acknowledged in this White 500 category for the fourth consecutive year since 2017.
* “Health and Productivity Management” is a registered trademark of Nonprofit Organaization Kenkokeiei.
Going forward, we aim to continue to be a company where employees can approach their work in optimal condition both physically and mentally.

Health management promotion system

Health Initiatives for the Employees

<Preventive measures>

Yahoo! JAPAN conducts measures to promote employees’ health from a preventive viewpoint.

Measures against Lifestyle DiseasesBased on the results of the medical checkups, occupational physicians and health professionals provide individual health guidance. We also promote measures to counter lifestyle diseases through e-learning. Internal seminars are held on topics such as common diseases, and eating, exercise and sleeping habits in order to enrich our health promotional activities. In addition, we subsidize the expense required for brain and heart checkups and give out coupons that can be used in fitness clubs near the office.
Mental Health MeasuresWe promote mental health by holding mental health training for new entrants, online training for managers, etc. For employees, we conduct various measures, such as establishment of consultation desk, training for those in charge of mental health promotion in each office, extensive support from counselors in charge of each workplace, notifications via the company intranet, and stress check test to be taken by all employees.
Measures against OverworkCounselling by occupational physicians, personnel, and superiors are held for employees with excessively long working hours to reduce the risk of health disorders due to overwork. Major measures taken are: alert notification in the attendance system for workers with working hours that exceed a threshold, counselling by occupational physicians, and warning to the superiors. We also have an educational program in place for managers regarding overwork and obligation to consider health and safety.
Health Management for Overseas PersonnelThe company bears the cost of inoculations recommended by the government, which are provided for our employees overseas. In addition, medical checkups are given once a year when these employees return to Japan, as well as counselling by occupational physicians and counselling via teleconference to meet the needs of the local situation.
Medical CheckupsFor early detection and treatment of disease, we provide systems enabling employees to obtain more complete physical exams in addition to legally mandated checkups. To encourage employees to take steps to maintain and improve their own health, we have introduced electronic medical records, allowing employees to review the results of checkups at any time.
Cancer-Prevention MeasuresWe participate in Corporate Action for Cancer Prevention Promotion, a program commissioned by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Our cancer-prevention measures include activities to raise awareness among our employees, such as addition of cancer-related examination items in the medical checkups and information distribution through seminars and company intranet. In 2019, we received Award for Companies Promoting Cancer Control, Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Prize.
Measures against Infectious DiseasesAs part of our measures against influenza, we offer inoculations in the company as well as support in paying for the cost of inoculations. To manage infection risks, we provide antiseptic and have a supply of emergency face masks on hand. We have been subsidizing part of the rubella vaccination cost for our employees since fiscal 2013, and over 800 employees have taken the vaccination using this system. In fiscal 2019, we facilitated rubella antibody testing for about 1,300 of our employees who received the antibody test coupon from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, by making an arrangement to enable them to take the test during their work hours. In fiscal 2020, we set up the Response Headquarters for Novel Coronavirus headed by the President and Representative Director Kentaro Kawabe, and under his leadership, risks to our employees and to business were identified and COVID-19 control guidelines for employees were developed taking into consideration announcements made by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, opinions of our industrial physicians, publications by risk consulting companies, etc.
Measures against SmokingIn the interest of employee health promotion and secondhand smoke prevention, we conduct awareness-raising activities, including stop smoking seminars, lung age tests, and prohibited use of smoking rooms on World No Tobacco Day. We have also created systems to subsidize employees who wish to quit smoking. We offer medical facility introductions and consultations as well as subsidies to participate in quit-smoking programs. We have also begun steps to abolish smoking rooms in our office.
<Support for employment>

We support employees who wish to return to work after leaving for sickness or injury and employees who wish to balance treatment and work.

Support towards Balancing Treatment and WorkWe have prepared a program to make the workplace work friendly for employees receiving or having finished treatment. Especially, we conduct an online course on cancer towards all employees to deepen our understanding towards the balance of cancer treatment and work.
Support towards Employees on Leave for Sickness or InjuryBased on a job return support program, the personnel, workplace and the Good Condition Promotion Office collaborate to support employees on leave for sickness or injury to make a smooth return to the workplace. We have a counselling desk for mental care so that employees can easily receive counselling. The desk also accepts consultation requests from superiors in the workplace.
<Health Support for Female Employees>

In Yahoo! JAPAN, various seminars and internal events are organized through a project run by employee volunteers, to create a conducive atmosphere in which employees and their superiors/colleagues can deepen their understanding about women’s health and pursue their careers actively in good health.
The project, launched in 2014, aims to improve health literacy among employees and cultivate a corporate culture that makes it easy for employees to deal with and freely seek advice on lifestyle diversity and health issues specific to women.
For these activities, we received the “Promotion Award” of “Award for Health and Work Life Balance for Women” from Women's Healthcare Awareness & Menopause Network Society in fiscal 2017.
In fiscal 2019, Yahoo! JAPAN’s Kitakyushu Center was awarded with the Promotion Award for its efforts on “Test on women’s health.”

<Conditioning the work environment in our offices>

Yahoo! JAPAN conditions the work environment in our offices in order to improve the performance of the employees (reducing presenteeism). We have separate resting rooms for both genders for employees to take a rest when they feel unwell during working hours. We also have a massage room where we have licensed care givers who can give treatment to refresh the employees both physically and mentally. Since a 20 minute nap is regarded to be effective in improving the performance of workers, we also have napping and resting areas, as well as exercise area for employees to refresh or to tone up their muscles.

Picture of body composition measurements using a dedicated scale
Body composition measurements using a dedicated scale; measures body fat, muscle mass, etc. Used to raise health consciousness and for health management.

Company Restaurant & Café

We have set up a company restaurant and café to serve as a location for employees to communicate beyond work.
For employees seeking to ascend to lofty goals, the company restaurant serves as a “BASE” of nutrition and the café as a “CAMP” at which to replenish energy in the midst of their climb to the top.
In our company restaurant “BASE”, we offer employees a chance to improve their mood or come up with new ideas by communicating with colleagues, thus adding a variety of “positives” to their eating experience, as well as various menus that cater to nutritional balance.

The Photo of Company Restaurant

Provision of Health and Safety Systems

In addition to establishing a Health and Safety Committee and workplace inspections, we have also instituted emergency response measures, such as installation of automatic external defibrillators (AEDs), emergency-response drills, and online disaster prevention modules.
Emergency-response drills are regularly held in all offices.

Health and Safety CommitteeWe established a Health and Safety Committee based on the Industrial Safety and Health Act to prevent workplace accidents and as part of our initiatives to ensure the health and safety of our employees.
Workplace InspectionsWe conduct workplace inspections to ensure a comfortable, hygienic and safe work environment, and to understand and improve work conditions.
Occupational Health and Safety ManagementA comprehensive approach to management of work environments, work practices, and health forms the base of our occupational health and safety measures. Through these measures, we promote the creation of comfortable work environments.

Internal Communication

We employ a variety of tools and events to promote communication among employees.
In the internal company website which serves as the hub of internal information, employees can freely put up announcements on not only services and businesses but also on welfare and club activities.
In addition to events where the president and other executives communicate important information including company policies, we have installed a company restaurant and café to serve as a location for employees to communicate beyond work.
Moving on, we will continue working to vitalize companywide communication so that employees can play an active role.

All-hands Meetings

Once a month, the management speaks to all employees in companywide morning assemblies to share important information that is vital for driving business of Yahoo! JAPAN.
The all-hands meetings were held at the office in Tokyo, but in the face of the spread of COVID-19 infection, the venue has been moved to online since February 2020, with the officers delivering presentations from their homes and the content being live streamed to 7,000 employees.
After every meeting, a questionnaire is conducted to bring voices of employees to the management as important input for future corporate management.

COVID-19 Infection-related Internal Communications

As the number of employees working from home increased in fiscal 2020 due to COVID-19 safety concerns, President and Representative Director, Kentaro Kawabe delivered a video message to all employees of the Z Holdings Group to explain the current situations and the company’s future policies. In Yahoo! JAPAN, questions from employees were taken and answered real time during the morning assemblies, with a view to engaging employees and making assemblies more interactive for all, including those joining from home. The questions brought up by employees about the new work style and changing business and services in this unprecedented environment were answered on the spot as much as possible, and any questions left were responded later through online newsletters for employees.
These messages sent from the management to employees via the intranet and email are written in both Japanese and English so that all employees understand the content.

Company Events

We hold a variety of company events designed to deepen connections between employees. Yahoo! Meetings (YMs) for executives and employees are conducted once a year for all offices and all group companies to gather together. In addition, there are companywide morning meetings held at the beginning of each month to communicate management policies to employees, as well as Y!J Link events for employees to directly ask executives questions and speak on various subjects. By conducting such events, we strive to create a work environment open to communication.
We also hold a family day event in which families of employees are invited to the office to learn about the company and the day-to-day work of our employees.
Going forward, we will work to create an environment that strengthens the bond among the group companies in the Z Holdings Group.