Sustainability initiatives

This page provides information on our initiatives to fulfill our obligations and responsibilities as a company, including our basic policy, corporate governance, and compliance.

All the pages are written in accordance with the Editorial Policy.

Basic Policy

The Z Holdings Group, comprised of Z Holdings Corporation and its consolidated subsidiaries and affiliates, strives to fulfill its social responsibilities and aims for a continuous social and environmental development, while maintaining open dialogues with our stakeholders.



Responses towards Natural Capital

While information technologies make the world a richer and more convenient place, they have an impact on the environment in the form of CO2 emissions from the consumption of electric power and other energies. The environmental impact is increasing with the expansion of the industry as a whole. To realize a sustainable society, The Z Holdings Group (“Z Holdings”) will make efforts to address climate change as well as strive to reduce the environmental impact derived from business activities, implement measures to reduce waste, and protect biodiversity. We will also aim to help society by preparing and enhancing solutions so as to respond to the threat of natural disasters that are becoming more intense and frequent due to climate change.



Promises to Our Employees

The Z Holdings Group introduces various systems and implements initiatives to ensure that our employees can actively perform their work regardless of their stages in life, and continuously evolve and develop themselves. All employees can make announcements from various internal media that best suit their purpose, such as intranet, internal SNS tool, and internal signage. To facilitate internal communication and daily conversation, we have also devised a unique office layout and prepared internal cafeterias.



The Z Holdings Group makes efforts to create an environment where each employee can perform to the best of their abilities regardless of differences in life stage or personal attributes.


Human Capital Development and Training Programs

The Z Holdings Group introduces various programs and measures so that the employees can perform their jobs with enthusiasm and energy, at all stages of their career. Intranet and internal restaurants are also in place in order to facilitate communication within the company.


Improving Our Service Quality

The Z Holdings Group has committed itself to increasing customer satisfaction. To that end, we have created a help page that is updated to reflect questions raised by customers and have implemented a variety of other service initiatives, including e-mail and chat support, fraud checks, and website monitoring. Moving forward, we will work to improve customer support services and systems, with the goal of further increasing customer satisfaction.


R&D and Intellectual Property at Yahoo Japan Corporation

The Z Holdings Group aims to contribute to the development of information technology society. To this end, we promote open innovations through R&D in Yahoo! JAPAN Research, patent applications according to our intellectual property strategy, OSS (Open Source Software) development and others.


Community Investment

The Z Holdings Group considers disaster control assistance, involvement in regional communities, and support for future generations as its priority issues when solving the problems of regional communities and society. For this, we will collaborate and cooperate with stakeholders including regional communities, governments, universities, and non-government/profit organizations to achieve a prosperous society.


Awards History

The Z Holdings Group has won many distinguished awards.


Results of Disaster Reliefs Donations and Sponsorships

The Z Holdings Group is committed to delivering disaster-related information such as evacuation information and emergency earthquake alerts, and to supporting the disaster relief efforts. Moreover, donations and sponsorships are provided to initiatives that promote the development of an IT society and address social problems.



Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is essential to preserving the trust the public has placed in us as a company. To that end, The Z Holdings Group is actively working to strengthen corporate governance by such means as establishing internal control systems, enhancing audit functions, and improving business processes.


Risk Management

The Z Holdings Group pursues risk management activities under three pillars: ERM (Enterprise Risk Management), BCP and awareness raising in the whole group. We have established the Regulations on Risk Management as basis to these activities and framework, and a Risk Management Committee is established based on these Regulations. Our Risk Management Office is entrusted with the roles of secretariat for the Risk Management Committee and promotion of risk management, and is placed directly under the management.



As stipulated in our Charter of Corporate Behavior, strict adherence to and compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, commercial practices, and social ethics is the fundamental principle underlying the business activities of the Z Holdings Group. Accordingly, we constantly strive to strengthen our compliance system and enhance awareness of compliance-related issues.


Anti-corruption Measures

The Z Holdings Group actively conducts measures to prevent corruptions such as bribery, money laundering, etc.


Fortifying Internal Control

In accordance with the Basic Policy for Internal Control, the Z Holdings Group has created the Internal Audit Division as a division to “continuously evaluate and carry out improvement activities for the entire company on the efficiency and effectiveness of the execution of business duties” of the “corporate group consisting of Z Holdings Corporation, its parent companies and subsidiary companies.” The Internal Audit Division is in charge of audit functions for assurance and consulting services, SOX evaluation and incident management.


Security and Privacy

To remain capable of continuously providing safe and secure services to our users, the Z Holdings Group strives to achieve maximum information security throughout the company from a medium- to long-term perspective.