The power of information technology for a sustainable world

left: Takeshi Idezawa , right: Kentaro Kawabe left: Takeshi Idezawa , right: Kentaro Kawabe

Unleashing the infinite potential of all people, with the power of information technology. This is the Z Holding's mission behind our dedication to develop, advance, and apply our business for the good of society. Our business thrives when we use our technological capabilities to address social issues and help realize a sustainable society.

Harnessing our information technology to solve social issues

The Z Holdings Group has identified four social materiality issues, which we call the "Four UPDATEs," where we can best apply our technologies to benefit society.

One of the areas we are focusing on is the prevention, mitigation, and response to natural disasters using information technology. In fact, the LINE app has incorporated disaster response into its concept since its inception. The app was developed in the aftermath of the devastating Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami in March 2011 when the communications systems failed to deliver many safety confirmation telephone calls and emails. Yahoo Japan has been actively collaborating with local governments to operate systems for quick and reliable dissemination of information during emergency events, while also providing online systems for donations collection and fundraising for disaster recovery efforts.

We are also focusing on developing technologies for services related to disaster prevention and mitigation, including mechanisms to predict and avert disaster as well as to support post-disaster safety. Earthquakes and typhoons are natural disaster risks common to Taiwan and Southeast Asia. We will refine new services based on the advanced technologies of both companies in Japan, and will introduce them to other regions of Asia in the near future.

Kentaro Kawabe

Increasing awareness of global environmental issues and raising worldwide information literacy

Society is not sustainable without a healthy natural environment. This means that responding to climate change, specifically reducing industrial greenhouse gases emissions, is of vital importance for the future of society. The large-scale data centers that are indispensable for Internet providers like us require a massive amount of electricity. We are committed to using energy-efficient data centers and converting our power supply to renewable energy resources. Yahoo Japan has declared a FY2023 100% Renewable Energy Challenge to shift its data centers and all of its business operations completely to renewable power resources by the end of fiscal 2023. We embrace our status as an Internet platform provider that has a formidable influence on society, and we will continue to endeavoring to be a positive example and conscientious leader in our industry.

Takeshi Idezawa

The Internet and information technology have become indispensable infrastructures for society. However, an "information literacy gap" exists between people who have access and people who do not have access to the information available on the Internet. Issues unique to the Internet space are also increasing. Solving Internet-related issues is another major theme at Z Holdings. LINE actively seeks to educate students about Internet issues, including issuing free materials about information ethics and conducting workshops at over2,000 Japanese elementary and middle schools since 2012. Yahoo! JAPAN offers free programming materials to elementary schools through Yahoo! JAPAN Kids and also presents classes and workshops for children, guardians, and teachers. We believe that proficiency in Internet literacy is an important element for the sustainable future of our younger generations.