Promotion of Health and Productivity Management

Under the “Good Condition Declaration” announced by the President and Representative Director, the Z Holdings Group is making various efforts to become a company where all employees can engage in their work in their best condition, both in body and mind. Specifically, we are taking measures to combat lifestyle diseases and overwork, protect mental health, and support women’s health.

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Good Condition Declaration

“UPDATE Condition”
-UPDATE Employees’ Physical Health (Safety) and Mental Health (Peace of Mind) -

This declaration expresses our strong commitment to carry out various initiatives to maximize employees’ condition, rather than resorting only to moderate measures of eliminating these problems.

For the Z Holdings Group, it is important to provide better services to users and to strengthen business performance by pursing such actions.
In order to accomplish these goals, I believe that the physical and mental health of the employees and families of Z Holdings Group are of utmost importance in forming a firm foundation.

Our aim is to raise employees‘ physical and mental conditions to top form, to maximize their performance and thereby provide better services and improve our business performance. This will, in turn, lead to the happiness of our employees and their families.
To that end, we will take on the challenge of carrying out unprecedented health promotion measures by leveraging information technology and scientific methods that are unique to an Internet company.

The Z Holdings Group hereby declares to become a company where all employees can engage in their work in top condition, both in body and mind.

Kentaro Kawabe
President and Representative Director,
Chief Executive Officer

External evaluations

In fiscal 2018, Yahoo Japan Corporation of the Z Holdings Group was selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as a leading company under the “2019 Health & Productivity Stock Selection Program”. It also received the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Prize from the “Action Plan for Promotion of Cancer Control”.

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