Top Message

The Z Holdings Group is dedicated to its mission of “Unleashing the infinite potential of all people, with the power of information technology”.
Information technology has been developed to empower each individual.
Now that society has matured, values are shifting from material wealth to “inner happiness”.
At the same time, Japan also faces intensifying problems of poverty, and disparities in education, etc.
Information technology’s specialty is correcting information asymmetry and I am confident that it can contribute to solving such social problems.
To that end, it is imperative that an IT society is safe and secure and its development doesn’t widen disparities so that society can evolve in a sustainable manner.
The Z Holdings Group will fulfill its accountability in disclosing matters related to ESG, and will create a sustainable society by pioneering the future with technology to continuously solve social issues.

Kentaro Kawabe
President and Representative Director,
Chief Executive Officer

Initiatives of group companies

  • Yahoo Japan Corporation

  • ASKUL Corporation (Japanese only)

  • eBOOK Initiative Japan Co., LTD. (Japanese only)