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Z Holdings Group to Deploy Quick Commerce of Groceries and Daily Necessities in Full Scale
- Service Renamed Today to "Yahoo! JAPAN Mart by ASKUL"
- Delivery Area to Cover All 23 Wards in Tokyo within FY2022

Yahoo! JAPAN Mart by ASKUL website: https://mart.yahoo.co.jp/ (Japanese only)

The group companies of Z Holdings Corporation (hereinafter "ZHD"): Yahoo Japan Corporation (hereinafter "Yahoo! JAPAN"), ASKUL Corporation (hereinafter "ASKUL") and Demae-can Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "Demae-can") will deploy Yahoo! JAPAN Mart by ASKUL (hereinafter "Yahoo! JAPAN Mart") in full-scale from today. Yahoo! JAPAN Mart is a Quick Commerce (instant delivery service) of groceries and daily necessities. Two campaigns are also underway from today until Tuesday, February 8 (e.g., distribution of JPY820 coupons to eligible users in Tokyo) to celebrate the launch.

The ZHD Group aims to expand Yahoo! JAPAN Mart to several dozen locations in all 23 wards of Tokyo and other additional areas by the end of fiscal 2022. Further expansion of areas will also be considered in fiscal 2023 and beyond.

Yahoo! JAPAN Mart enables users to select items from ASKUL's wide variety of products centered around groceries and daily necessities (approximately 1,500 products*1), place an order, make payment, and receive the products in as little as 15 minutes*2, all via Demae-can's service. Demae-can's delivery staff will collect the products at a special warehouse (store) in Tokyo after receiving the order and deliver the products to the designated delivery destination by bicycle or motorcycle.

From the end of July 2021, the ZHD Group began "PayPay Direct by ASKUL" (hereinafter "PayPay Direct"), a demonstration experiment on the instant delivery of groceries and daily necessities*3. Stores for this experiment have been opened at a faster pace than originally planned, with eight locations set up in Tokyo as of today. In the experiment, the number of monthly orders increased tenfold in two months from October to December last year and a store ranked first in Demae-can's December sales ranking by stores*4. The service was well received by users, demonstrating the strong demand for immediate delivery of groceries and daily necessities. Based on the results of this demonstration experiment, it was decided that PayPay Direct will be renamed to Yahoo! JAPAN Mart and that Quick Commerce will be deployed in full scale.

Quick Commerce also plays an important role in stabilizing the working environment of gig workers. For example, by delivering daily necessities and groceries during idle hours when meal delivery orders are low, gig workers can work steadily throughout the day. Furthermore, the ZHD Group aims to solve social issues through Quick Commerce by converting vacant offices, which are increasing due to the pandemic, etc., into stores in central Tokyo.

With the rise in the number of dual-earner households and the older population, as well as the increase in the amount of time spent at home due to the pandemic, demand for online shopping and delivery is expected to grow further. The ZHD Group aims to realize a world where users can "get what they need, when they need" through group synergies that bring together the brand power of Yahoo! JAPAN, the product procurement capabilities of ASKUL, and the user base and delivery quality of Demae-can.

[Strengths of Each Company in Yahoo! JAPAN Mart]

Yahoo! JAPAN Mart handles original items of LOHACO, planned and developed based on the concept of "making life easier and more enjoyable" and covering products such as daily necessities, foods, and beverages to meet users' wide-ranging needs. In addition, fresh fruits and vegetables are handled in Yoyogi Uehara Store from Monday, January 24, and Mita Store from today. On Saturday, January 29, popular "eki-ben" (railway station lunch boxes) will be sold in all seven stores except Ooyama Store for one day only. In the future, Yahoo! JAPAN Mart plans to expand its product categories to include delicacies from all over Japan and products direct from the producer that can only be obtained in that region.

[Outline of Campaigns Celebrating the Launch of Yahoo! JAPAN Mart]

Two campaigns will start today: "JPY820*5 Discount Coupon Celebrating the Launch of Yahoo! JAPAN Mart" and "Setsubun Set Giveaway Celebrating the Launch of Yahoo! JAPAN Mart."
(1) "JPY820 Discount Coupon Celebrating the Launch of Yahoo! JAPAN Mart"
・Period: Wednesday, January 26 - Tuesday, February 8, 2022 (Opening and closing time of each store applies)
・Details:JPY820 discount coupons that can be used in Yahoo! JAPAN Mart will be distributed to users in the areas where the stores are operating (use limited to one-time, minimum order of JPY1,500)

(2) "Setsubun Set Giveaway Celebrating the Launch of Yahoo! JAPAN Mart"
・Period: Wednesday, January 26 - Thursday, February 3, 2022 (Opening and closing time of each store applies)
・Details:The first 10,000 customers to place an order at each store will receive a "Setsubun (Japanese festival celebrating the arrival of spring)" seasonal gift (devil's mask and lucky beans). Ends when all gifts are given away.

・For more information and points to note on the campaigns:
https://demae-can.com/link/cam/ym820open0126 (Japanese only)

[Stores of Yahoo! JAPAN Mart (As of January 26, 2022)]

・Yoyogi Uehara: https://demae-can.com/shop/menu/3197775
・Yokokawa: https://demae-can.com/shop/menu/3207596/
・Mita: https://demae-can.com/shop/menu/3208060
・Kagurazaka: https://demae-can.com/shop/menu/3211789
・Ookubo: https://demae-can.com/shop/menu/3213256

[Yahoo! JAPAN Mart website]

https://mart.yahoo.co.jp/ (Japanese only)

*1 Product lineup and number of products handled will differ by stores.
*2 Delivery time is an estimate. Time may vary due to weather, traffic, or other unavoidable circumstances.
*3 "Z Holdings Begins Demonstration Experiment on Instant Delivery Service in Collaboration with ASKUL and Demae-can" (Announced in July 2021)
*4 From Demae-can's Earnings Results Briefing Material for the first quarter of fiscal year ending on August 31, 2022.
*5 A pun on reading that coincides with how you read "Yahoo!" in Japanese

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