Z Holdings Corporation

Z Holdings Corporation to Subscribe for Shares of Demae-can Co., Ltd. Through Third Party Allotment

Z Holdings Corporation (hereinafter “ZHD”) hereby announces that it has decided to subscribe for the shares of Demae-can Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Demae-can”) through a third party allotment to be conducted by Demae-can in parallel with the issuance of new shares and disposal of treasury stocks to overseas investors (hereinafter the issuance of new shares and disposal of treasury stocks to overseas investors, “Overseas Offering,” and the third party allotment, “Parallel Third Party Allotment”).

In addition to providing new value to users by breaking down the barriers between online and offline, ZHD aims to maximize e-commerce transaction value and realize a world where people can buy what they want at the best price anytime, anywhere. To this end, ZHD regards Demae-can’s delivery infrastructure an important management resource. Furthermore, in July 2021, ZHD, ASKUL Corporation and Demae-can began a demonstration experiment on “PayPay Direct by ASKUL,” which provides an immediate delivery of daily necessities and groceries, as an effort to further enhance user experience.

In order to continue promoting the abovementioned effort through the collaboration and partnership between the Group companies and Demae-can, and maintaining the Z Holdings Group’s ownership ratio of Demae-can after the Overseas Offering, ZHD has decided to subscribe to the Parallel Third Party Allotment.

Please refer to ZHD’s disclosure for more information on this matter.

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