Z Holdings Corporation

Z Holdings Selected as a DX-Certified Operator by METI

- Promoting DX in society to provide safe and secure solutions through data

Z Holdings Corporation (hereinafter "ZHD" or the "Company") has been selected as a Digital Transformation (DX) Certified Operator based on the DX Certification Initiative implemented by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) in Japan.

■ DX Certification Initiative
The DX Certification Iniative is an certification initiative based on the Act on Facilitation of Information Processing, (*1) in accordance with the Digital Governance Code established by METI. This initiative aims to promote DX throughout Japan by certifying operators that meet certification standards, such as those that have formulated visions and developed systems, as DX-Certified Operators.

■ Key points for certfication
As one of the largest Internet service companies in Japan, ZHD realizes that Japan's lagging digitalization as highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic is a key issue, and believes that its mission is to promote the DX of society as a whole. By leveraging its expertise in refining UI (user interface) and UX (user experience), ZHD will continue to make users' lives more convenient and enriched through more than 200 services it provides in Japan, while working to solve social issues.

In order to promote digitization while providing users with security and safety, ZHD has established the "Data Governance Guidelines." Based on these guidelines, ZHD promotes digitization by focusing on the following three points: security and privacy protection, transparency and the right to choose, and problem solving through data.

ZHD has received certification for these efforts as they meet the certification standards set by METI, as well as for the appropriate disclosure of information to its stakeholders.

ZHD upholds "UPDATE THE WORLD - unleashing the infinite potentialof all people with the power of information technology," as its mission, and "Mankind can be free and be in control" as its vision. The Company will continue to pursue various iniatives in order to open up the infinite possibility of humanity through information technology, and to realize a world where people can be free and in control.

*1 METI's website (Japanese only)

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