Outline of the Secondary Report by the Special Advisory Committee on Global Data Governance

August 4, 2021
Special Advisory Committee on Global Data Governance

The Special Advisory Committee on Global Data Governance, a committee consisting of external experts to verify and evaluate the handling of data in the Z Holdings Group from security and governance perspectives, has published the secondary report.

To view the secondary report, please click the following link. (Japanese only)
Secondary Report (Full version)

Following the verification by the Special Advisory Committee, the main items covered in the Secondary Report are as follows:

1. Major issues verified, facts found based on verifications, etc.
・ Verifications related to overseas consignments
・ Verifications related to data storage on servers in South Korea
・ Verifications related to the engagement with the public sector
・ Verifications on LINE Pay Corporation and LINE Healthcare Corporation

For more details on these items, etc., please refer to the Appendix. (Japanese only)

2. Matters to be discussed and verified by the Special Advisory Committee in the future
Some of the issues that were identified in the Primary Report as issues to be considered in the future have already been reported in terms of how they should be addressed. However, the Committee will continue to receive reports on proposed responses and improvements from Z Holdings Corporation and LINE Corporation, and will continue to provide necessary advice.

For the outline of the Primary Report, please click here.
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