Basic Policy on Human Rights (Human Rights Policy)

The Z Holdings Group, comprised of Z Holdings Corporation and its consolidated subsidiaries and affiliate, strives to maintain a safe working environment and is engaged in initiatives that respect the human rights and individuality of each employee.

1. Commitment to Human Rights

We, all officers and employees of Z Holdings Corporation and its group companies (hereinafter "We"), contribute to sustainable social development by respecting human rights in every aspect of our business activities.
We have established our approach as the "Basic Human Rights Policy (Human Rights Policy)" and promise to comply with the policy.

2. Reference and Scope

In accordance with the international principles of human rights* and the Z Holdings Group's Code of Conduct, we appreciate and respect cultures and customs of all countries and regions where we conduct our business activities, and strive to avoid involvement in discrimination and the violation of human rights in all business activities. We also require our suppliers and business partners to respect and refrain from infringing human rights in conformity with the aforementioned policies.

3. Respect for Diversity and Prohibition of Harassment

We respect all people as individuals and do not tolerate discrimination or any disadvantageous treatment on the basis of political beliefs, ideologies, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical features, illnesses, age, nationality, race, ethnicity, etc. We provide equal opportunity in recruitment, evaluation, development, placement, remuneration, promotion, executive appointment, etc., and foster a work environment in which our diverse workforce can play an active role.
In addition, we do not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind, and take continued preventive measures, such as through regular employee education.

4. Prohibition of Forced Labor and Child Labor

To protect basic human rights, we forbid the use of any and all forced labor or child labor, and engage in business activities adhering to all compliance requirements.

5. Management of Working Hours and Wages

We stipulate appropriate working hours, break time, overtime hours, late-night work, day offs, and vacation in our rules of employment in accordance with the Labor Standards Act and labor-management agreements. In compliance with legal requirements, we also stipulate minimum wage, legal benefits and deductions, overtime work, etc., in our pay regulations, and make payments directly to our employees.

6. Respect for the Freedom of Association and the Exercise of the Right to Collective Bargaining

We respect the rights of employees to form trade unions based on the employees' own wills and the right to choose whether or not to participate. We authorize the exercise of collective bargaining right in an effective manner, and shall negotiate in good faith through constructive dialog with labor representatives.

7. Maintenance of Employees' Safety and Health

We exercise due care to maintain our employees' physical and mental health and strive to secure safe and healthy workplace environments. We comply with the laws, regulations, and rules related to safety and health, and work to maintain this by adopting appropriate measures to address health risks.

8. Freedom of Expression and Privacy Protection

We recognize freedom of expression and privacy protection in telecommunications and the Internet, and in communications on social media. We take the utmost care not to infringe on such rights. In addition, we serve all our users in a fair and equitable manner and provide safe and convenient services.

9. Initiatives and Structure to Respect Human Rights

We construct mechanisms for effective countermeasures by establishing human rights reporting desks to prevent human rights violations. We conduct human rights due diligence to assess the impact of business activities on human rights, continuously monitor the impact, and report to the stakeholders. In the unlikely event that business activities should have a negative impact on human rights, we shall respond appropriately using fair and equitable remedial actions to mitigate and resolve such effects.

10. Communication

Under the Z Holding's Risk Management Committee which includes the co-chief executive officers, the Human Rights Working Group is responsible for the promotion of human rights initiatives. The Working Group promotes the Basic Human Rights Policy (HR policy) to all officers, employees and external stakeholders and actively conducts human rights awareness activities.

11. Establishment and Revision of This Policy

Enacted on October 7, 2021 upon approval of the Risk Management Committee.

* "Universal Declaration of Human Rights," "UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights," "Children's Rights and Business Principles," and the "Eight Fundamental Conventions of the ILO"