Respect for Basic Human Rights

The Z Holdings Group, comprised of Z Holdings Corporation and its consolidated subsidiaries and affiliates, works to maintain a safe and secure working environment, with initiatives conducted in respect of human rights and individualities.

Prevention of Forced Labor and Child Labor

To protect basic human rights and in accordance with laws and regulations, we forbid the use of any and all forced labor or child labor, and engage in business activities adhering to all compliance requirements.

Prohibition of Discrimination and Harassment

We promote a work environment where opportunities for employment, training, assignment and promotion are offered equally, and where diverse human resources can actively and enthusiastically participate, regardless of race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, nationality, language, social status, etc.
Acts of harassment, including sexual harassment and power harassment are strictly prohibited in the Rules of Employment. We regularly conduct employee training as part of our ongoing initiatives to prevent harassment.

Management of Working Hours

Provisions related to appropriate working hours and rest time, overtime work, late-night work, rest days, and leaves are stipulated in the Rules of Employment based on labor-management agreements and the Labor Standards Act.
In order to properly manage working hours, employees’ start and finish times are recorded in an attendance management system each day. If an employee seems likely to exceed a certain standard of overtime hours, an alert is triggered so steps can be taken to prevent overwork.
Should an employee find themselves working overlong hours, industrial physicians conduct consultations to check the physical condition of said employee and offer health guidance. In addition, we conduct organizational countermeasures to reduce overlong working hours and fill vacancies to prevent a situation in which work is concentrated to a specific employee.

Management of Wages

Legally compliant Pay Regulations on minimum wage, legally mandated benefits and deductions, and overtime, etc. have been established based on labor-management agreements and the Labor Standards Act. On designated pay days, wages are directly paid to employees.

Respect for Freedom to Form Labor Unions and the Right to Collective Bargaining

We respect the freedom to form labor unions and the right to collective bargaining, and support efforts to resolve disagreements through dialogue between management and employees.