Major Group Companies

UPDATE 10/30/2020

  • ASKUL Corporation

    Mail-order service of office-related products and other delivery services

  • Astmax Asset Management, Inc.

    Financial Instruments Business

  • SRE Holdings Corporation(Japanese Only)

    Real estate business, IT platform business, AI solution business

  • eBOOK Initiative Japan Co., LTD.(Japanese Only)

    Operation of e-book sales service
    Online sales of paper books

  • Ikyu Corporation(Japanese Only)

    Operation of various Internet sites that provide reservation services for high-end hotels and restaurants, etc.

  • Carview Corporation(Japanese Only)

    E-commerce, online media, and other related businesses for automobiles and total driving experience

  • GYAO Corporation(Japanese Only)

    Internet content distribution of videos, etc., and provision of entertainment information
    Planning, production and sales of Internet advertising

  • Classified, Inc.(Japanese Only)

    Proposal and sales of real estate advertising

  • The Japan Net Bank, Limited(Japanese Only)

    Banking (Internet-only bank)
    Provision of various financial services (e.g. yen/foreign currency deposits, asset management, payment, loan, etc.) to individuals and corporations under a safe-to-use and robust security system

  • ZOZO, Inc.

    Planning & operation of fashion e-commerce website, operational support of brands' own e-commerce website, operation of fashion coordination app, etc.

  • Magne-Max Capital Management,Ltd.

    Investment advisory business

  • CRITEO K.K.(Japanese Only)

    Internet advertising business (Retargeting advertising)

  • Sportsnavi Inc.(Japanese Only)

    Collection of sports-related information and production of articles and content

  • Z Corporation Incorporated

    Development of new business

  • Z Financial Corporation

    Managing of group companies and businesses incidental thereto

  • Dynatech inc.(Japanese Only)

    Development and sales of information system for hotels and Japanese-style inns, etc.

  • dely, inc.(Japanese Only)

    Provision of information related to food
    Recipe video service aimed at solving the problems related to domestic chores and meals

  • BuzzFeed Japan Corporation(Japanese Only)

    Media, Internet advertising business, etc.

  • ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.

    Marketing solution business (Affiliate marketing)
    EC solution business (Storematch, STORE’s R∞ )

  • PayPay Corporation(Japanese Only)

    Development and offering of electronic payment services such as mobile payment

  • mybest, Inc.

    Development and operation of recommendation service "mybest"

  • Yahoo Japan Corporation

    e-Commerce business
    Members Services business
    Internet Advertising business
    Other businesses

  • YJFX, Inc.(Japanese Only)

    Foreign exchange margin trading business and sales of investment trust

  • YJ Card Corporation(Japanese Only)

    Credit card, card loan, credit guarantee business

  • YJ Capital Inc.

    Venture capital business

  • Y's Insurance Inc.(Japanese Only)

    Non-life insurance agency business and life insurance solicitation business