Data Governance Guidelines

Z Holdings Corporation has established its Data Governance Guidelines to clarify its basic principles for privacy protection and data use at group companies of Z Holdings.

While the use of data and artificial intelligence (AI) has brought about rapid growth in society, there has also been an emergence of excessive monitoring and bias in information developing into social problems. They are also major issues for the Z Holdings Group, which aspires to become a "data company".

In order to unleash the full potential of data under the new corporate structure, the Z Holdings Group will strive to solve these issues with the aim to address the following:

Security and privacy protection

We have defined security and privacy as a top priority in data utilization, so we will establish the necessary rules and systems to ensure their continuous operation and improvement.

Transparency and right to choose

We will disclose how we use customers' data and strive to allow customers to manage and set how they wish their data to be used.

Problem solving with data

We will make use of customers' data to provide more convenient services, deliver "wow!" experiences to each customer, all while striving to solve various social issues.