Z Holdings Group's Cybersecurity Policy

In order to create a sustainable, convenient and prosperous world in which diversity is recognized, Z Holdings Corporation, its consolidated subsidiaries and affiliates (hereafter collectively the "Z Holdings Group" or "Group") will adhere to create and provide overwhelmingly convenient services leveraging the power of information technology. By doing so, the Z Holdings Group aims to achieve the Group's vision of a world where "mankind can be free and be in control."

The information technology used by the Z Holdings Group has continued to evolve rapidly, and has spread across national borders and penetrated deeply and widely into our society. Concurrently, the structure of society has become increasingly more complex and globalized. While information technology has enhanced convenience and prosperity in our society, day-to-day threats to cybersecurity that supports information technology, have become widespread, sophisticated and globalized. We believe that cybersecurity measures are crucial for the correct use of the power of information technology.

Traditionally, the Z Holdings Group has adopted best practices against information security threats such as infringement of privacy and information leaks. In addition to the efforts made so far, to better detect and respond to advanced cyberattacks, we have decided that it is necessary for the Group to work together to tackle threats under a new policy.

As a basic policy, the Z Holdings Group hereby declares that we will build our information system and provide services in compliance with the cybersecurity framework of U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), which is beginning to be applied globally by national security organizations of governments and critical infrastructure industries.

The Z Holdings Group will construct our cybersecurity system according to this basic policy, by continuing to solve the issues faced by people and society while earning the trust of the users who use our services as well as society, governments and the international community.